1847 Scott Street
As we wrote about 1847 Scott Street in 2008 when asking $895,000:

Apparently the foundation is new, but not “completely finished.” And while there are approved plans “included in sale,” we can’t tell if those plans include the top floor penthouse which was a point of contention (and unsuccessfully appealed by the permit holder in 2006) or not.

We do like the location, and it is zoned RH-2, but do take note of the skinny lot and hence the need to push up (at least at this price).

Relisted anew in January 2009 and then February 2010 (“Fully entitled single family home project, excellent Lower Pacific Heights location”), the property sold for $795,000 in March.
Today, 1847 Scott Street was listed anew, this time for reals. From the listing: “Brand new modern luxury home seamlessly integrated behind historic façade.”
1847 Scott 2010 (www.SocketSite.com)
Now sporting four baths, three bedrooms, a two car garage, and one loooong fire place.
And now asking $1,995,000.
∙ Listing: 1847 Scott Street (3/4) – $1,995,000 [MLS]
It’s Not Exactly A Fixer, But Rather A Lot (And A Shell): 1847 Scott [SocketSite]

17 thoughts on “1847 Scott Street Returns Anew (This Time For Reals)”
  1. Not to pick too much, but not only is the seam between old and new visible, but there appears to be a small palm growing out of it. And isn’t it odd to have a small spiral staircase like that servicing a multi-million dollar home?

  2. ^ Um, they’ve added on significantly to this place. It’s probably at least 2500sqft…
    It was an eyesore for ages, so I’m glad that it has been finished. However, it still looks a little strange. Obviously, it was a duplex at some point… I’m guessing the left unit was clearly demolished to build the current apt. building. As a result, the proportions still seem sort of off.
    Will it sell? I don’t know. It’s a turn key property and the block is cute, but the location is a pretty iffy, honestly. Good luck to everyone involved and congrats to seeing this project through to completion.

  3. I think the location is great, actually. I live in the neighborhood and you can easily walk to Fillmore and to Laurel Village.
    I stopped in the other day though and the place is definitely strange. It is REALLY narrow. I think it is about 2500 sq feet but it doesn’t really feel like it. The main floor is ok but just feels like one big room. There is a deck off the kitchen but I didn’t see a yard. The rooms upstairs are fine and decent in size. The isn’t large, but configured well with the master bath set off. I think it is workable.
    The spiral staircase does feel inappropriate for a $2M home. The downstairs room would make an ok office.
    In general the place is ok, but I definitely wouldn’t pay $2M for it. The finishes are nice, but inside it doesn’t retain any of the Victorian character.

  4. the house seems fine overall… I am not sure I understand this fascination SF has with cool grey paint colors especially with its climate. Not only did they choose grey, but they’re on the blueish side of grey making the house seem even more drab.
    A paint job would increase curb appeal a bunch.
    I give them an A for effort (except for paint job) but this place clearly has challenges.

  5. The lot is less then 20 feet. It’s very narrow but they seem to have well utilized the space. The spiral staircase probably helps use the full width. A case of a narrow-ish home with staircases that eat up way too much space is 41 Castle Street that has been on and off the market for a long time now. The Castle Street seller should include 2 knee replacement surgery costs as a closing bonus.

  6. They should have moved the front enterance a little to the right and installed a full sized doorway. Front stairs look rediculous they way the hit the building as is.

  7. If you look at the “before” picture, you can see there was no railing on the property-line side of the stairway.
    The planning code probably requires the handrail/wall. Too bad they couldn’t just do a simple metal rail.

  8. I have been in the house and considering what they were working with (narrow lot) this house is very nice! I would be surprised if it doesn’t sell before Christmas. There were a lot of people going through the first open house, the week before it hit MLS.
    The finishes are top of the line, the interior is narrow but they made it work. The staging helps of course, as sleek modern furniture helps show prospective buyers that well designed furniture make the space usable. And I actually think the floorplan on the first floor feels very open and light…you can see all the way to the pretty back yard!!! I would live there 🙂
    You definitely pay for the neighborhood, but overall I think it is a good investment if you are planning on staying in the hood for sometime!

  9. Thanks for the shill comment (could use that exclamation counter here), but were you really serious with:
    “The staging helps of course, as sleek modern furniture helps show prospective buyers that well designed furniture make the space usable.”
    That almost sounds like what tipster says when he’s pretending to be tipster (not really the realtor). You should focus on whether this house has good bones, rather than some silly staging.
    Doesn’t it seem a waste to have both the dining table and a separate breakfast area near the back doors when the downstairs is basically one big room? I feel like this might have been better as a combined dining area at the back doors given the narrowness of the house.

  10. Suprise. It is overpriced. Flips listed by this company tend to hit the market agressively priced and then sit. Why is overpricing new builds outs good?

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