Dan Goodwin at the 50th Floor of Millennium
To answer a reader’s question from a comment we’ve moved to below, San Francisco’s Millennium Tower is in fact 60 stories with 58 floors of residences. And yes, yesterday Dan Goodwin ascended the building in a publicity stunt (for his book, not the building).
That’s Dan at the 50th floor above.
The Millennium: A Few Things You Might Know (And A Few You Don’t) [SocketSite]

15 thoughts on “Through A 50th Floor Window Of The 60-Story Building”
  1. Some guy is climbing The Millenium tower. It was on the news just now. They referred to The Millenium as 58 stories. Isn’t it 60 stories?
    I thought they were mixing it up with One Rincon Hill which I had thought was 58 stories.
    Checking Wikipedia however, ORH is said to be 60 stories and The Millenium 58 stories. Is Wikipedia right on this? Wikepedia is not especially known for it’s accuracy being open source.
    [Editor’s Note: See post (and perhaps link) above.]

  2. This is great marketing for either the cleanliness of the Millenium’s windows or the power of those suction cups. I, on the other hand, can’t keep any suction-supported shampoo on my shower walls for more than five minutes, much less support a human fifty stories up.

  3. So Wikepedia has it’s Millenium height info wrong it seems.
    How tall is ORH – Wikepedia says 60 stories but methinks it’s 58 stories.
    [Editor’s Note: As a search of SocketSite reveals (One Rincon Hill Tower One: Floor Facts):

    [One Rincon Hill is] fifty-five (55) stories above grade (not including the rooftop stabilizing water tank) with five (5) levels of parking below.

    Floors are numbered one (1) through sixty (60) with the first level of underground parking being floor number one. The ground level lobby is located on floor number six (6), floor number seven (7) houses building amenities, and residences are located on floors eight (8) through sixty (60).


  4. As to ORH by below grade parking, I assume that means underground?oSo ORC is actually 55 stories tall it seems.
    The below grade levels aren’t normally counted when determining the height of a building – if they were the B0fA building would be counted as 55 or 56 stories tall as it has several below grade parking levels.
    A “level” playing field so to speak is needed when comparing building heights.

  5. “This is great marketing for either the cleanliness of the Millenium’s windows or the power of those suction cups.”
    The windows were just washed within the last couple of weeks. Coincidence – or did he know that? Not sure of the interval but betting it’s months. Lot’s of HOA’s budget window cleaning as biannual.

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