Not (yet) listed on the MLS but on the market and asking $4,995,000, 2743 Buchanan features a legal studio on the ground floor (along with two-car parking and a wine cellar); three bedrooms (and three baths) on the second floor; a rather nicely remodeled kitchen and a pair of NanaWalls on the third floor; and a roof deck with big bay views above.
Purchased for $5,101,000 in September 2005 having already undergone its renovation.
∙ Listing: 2734-36 Buchanan (4/4.5) – $4,995,000 []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by ex SF-er

    terrible listing for a $5M property.
    I can never price SF property, but this particular place seems underwhelming to me.
    but then again, it could be the terrible stretched photography or the small pictures or the tiny floorplan that my old eyes can barely make out.
    I do like the windows (and can that entire wall open up?) in the great room, and the roof deck would be awesome.
    floors are nice.
    ABSOLUTELY AWESOME trees out front. My favorite thing. good curb appeal from the front.
    typical oversized-island-bad-kitchen-layout design common these days.
    back yard needs tons of help.

  2. Posted by Joshua

    it appears LEM piston stools are now required staging for all D7 properties

  3. Posted by joh

    It looks like that garage can actually fit 3 cars if one didn’t mind tandem parking the 3rd one.

  4. Posted by ***

    The staging is very Blah! The photos are terrible — maybe it is the lens, but everything seems so tiny and far away.
    I like the big center island… particularly in a kitchen which is has adjacent family room. Everyone seems to gather around the island — that is nice. Too bad the kitchen is up two flight of stairs.

  5. Posted by Joshua

    ^ ha, regarding the photos, check out the clocks in the kitchen. those are some weird egg-shaped tickers.
    (this place is actually somewhat better in person)

  6. Posted by eddy

    I don’t understand the pricing on this one. Must be buyer driven for sure, but I wouldn’t have pegged this at $5M.

  7. Posted by ***

    Ah there is an elevator. That makes the top floor kitchen a bit more appealing.

  8. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    Joshua wrote:

    it appears LEM piston stools are now required staging for all D7 properties.

    The ones in this place look like the real McCoy, but about half of the ones I’ve seen in staging pictures linked-to from socketsite are those $59.99 knockoffs you can get from places like Bed, Bath and Beyond. I’m guessing it’s basically a “punt”; the person doing the staging avoids having to keep twenty-four inch andthirty-inch seat height stools in storage.

  9. Posted by jlasf

    I was in this house when it was the show house for
    green construction during the 2005 Builders Conference.
    Here is the coverage at the time:
    btw, the Nana doors open all the way, so the view is amazing.
    Too bad they didn’t wait for a sunny day to take pictures.

  10. Posted by sleepiguy

    I was surprised at the high price. I remember it being for sale a few years ago, but I didn’t recall that it sold for 5. Seems high for even then. That part of Buchanan is really steep, so it’s not terribly walkable. I’m not sure if the views make up for that… That said, Nina is pretty good about realistic pricing so I wish everyone the best of luck with this…

  11. Posted by tipster

    Views on that block are spectacular. It’s a half block above Broadway. The views are panoramic. You look DOWN on the Broadway view homes.
    My only problem is the ceiling heights, and perhaps the kitchen is a bit small. Ceiling heights look to be the barest minimum in the kitchen and two front bedrooms. The result comes off as claustrophobic and inexpensive, at least from the photos.
    Nice floors, great use of space and views, and it’s ready to move in. View kitchens are hard to find.
    Might be tough to find the right buyer, though. They might have to drop down to expand the potential buyer pool if a buyer doesn’t materialize who needs and wants just that combination of space, amenities and smashing views. You’d think a 2005 buy in this prime location would not be at risk, but I give them only a 50-50 chance of hitting this price.

  12. Posted by Noe Boy

    Turn your map around…It’s a block below Broadway. You look down on the houses on Vallejo.

  13. Posted by jlasf

    @Tipster: I don’t recall the ceiling being low. I’m 6’4″, so I’m aware of that, usually. And the kitchen feels spacious because of the window wall.

  14. Posted by ***

    True, the window wall may make it feel spacious, but the chef who does not have space for all of his pots&pans and cookie sheets will feel the pinch with that missing wall of shelves. BTW not much room for the Cheerios Box and flour sacks in those glass cabinets. I don’t see a pantry.
    (this is just my personal pet peeve with these “open” kitchens)

  15. Posted by lookyloo

    I’ve walked the house. The Nana glass doors completely open up giving indoor/outdoor feeling. It’s amazing. The finishes are top of the line. Incredible moldings and doors. BTW, there is a walk in pantry.

  16. Posted by elo

    The pics do not do this place justice. Big views, open layout. Awesome roof deck. High end everything.

  17. Posted by bgelldawg

    How many days a year can you open those Nana walls?
    And how good are those walls when closed at keeping out the wind and the rain?
    All I can think of is birds flying into the house when the Nana walls are open.

  18. Posted by sleepiguy

    In “ok” news for mid-priced D7 homes, Nina’s Green st. listing went into contract after a week on the market. That home was for sale a couple of years ago and withdrawn without a sale. I can’t remember when exactly though.. Was it 07 or 08?
    [Editor’s Note: Assuming you’re referring to 2691 Green, that would be 2006. Purchased in April 2000 (and with a current tax basis of $3,341,888). Listed for $2,595,000 and currently pending.]

  19. Posted by sleepiguy

    Wow, was it that long ago? Time really flies… I don’t recall what they were asking then.
    In other news, 2633 Steiner is in contract after being listed and withdrawn last fall.

  20. Posted by sleepiguy

    Nina’s site lists this as pending….

  21. Posted by anon

    This place is already listed as pending on Nina’s site. I think this was an interior design installation by Arthur McLaughlin for the current resident (who reportedly just bought an 11 Mill. place in Atherton).

  22. Posted by futureph

    is it just me or is the exterior facade heinous? it looks like a split personality between arts and crafts and mediterranean…
    impressive looking views. although i have a feeling you’d wish to shave a few neighbors’ roofs when looking out the lower level windows. the roof deck looks great but keep in mind there is quite the audience from the building adjacent up the hill.

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