213 Moulton
We first noted 213 Moulton a little under two years ago:

213 Moulton is a contemporary single-family home situated down a little alley in Cow Hollow. It first sold for $545,000 in 1995. And ten years later (in 2005) it changed hands for $1,672,000. No doubt about it, that’s fantastic long-term appreciation. Then again, it also changed hands in the year 2000 for $1,600,000.

Our rhetorical question and headline at the time: “Which Five Years Will The Next Five Years More Likely Resemble?”
As a plugged-in reader noted, 213 Moulton returned to the market this past March asking $1,695,000. And five days ago it closed escrow with a reported contract price of $1,530,000 (4% under its year 2000 price).
Which Five Years Will The Next Five Years More Likely Resemble? [SocketSite]

5 thoughts on “And With That We Have An Answer To A Rhetorical Question”
  1. In your article from two years ago you note
    “They’re now asking $1,850,000 which includes a new full bath (added in 2006) and reclaimed living space on the ground floor.”
    So the property got better and the price dropped 4% (since 2000).
    [Editor’s Note: The listing for $1,850,000 was for 215 Moulton which was then foreclosed upon and resold for $1,750,000 in November of 2008.]

  2. I know this house well. It has an interesting layout. Lots of levels. I am surprised it sold for what it did as well. It’s in cow hollow so I can understand the interest in it, but it’s very noisy on weekends due to all the bars which attract a lot of cougars on the weekend. The main entrance is on a very narrow alley. But $1.5M for this is a good sign for SF real estate!

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