1074 Guerrero: Excavation (www.SocketSite.com)
In the words of a plugged-in tipster two days ago, “The empty lot where Flora Grubb used to be on Guerrero at 23rd is being excavated as we speak!” (Or type.)
Three lots which were first developed in 1895 to house the Stewart Memorial Presbyterian United Church which was cowardly firebombed in 1973 following its conversion to the Metropolitan Community Church with a predominantly gay congregation.
1074 Guerrero: Stewart Memorial Presbyterian United Church
Next up for 1074 Guerrero, nine new homes in all: three two-unit residences along Guerrero, three single-family homes along Ames behind, and courtyards in-between. Renderings should a plugged-in tipster pass them along (hint, hint).

10 thoughts on “Flora Grubb On Guerrero (1074) Is Gone, Nine New Homes Up Next”
  1. Speaking of Ames Street, 141 Ames has been taken off the market and rented (furnished) to a friend of the owner. It is still available for sale off market, and expected to return to the market sometime in 2009.
    The web page has not been updated and still suggests that there are open houses every Sunday.

  2. ^^ they shared the lot, and now they are united at Flora Grubb’s great newish digs off Third Street in Bayview

  3. It is not just this block, but a city wide problem. Adjusted homicide rates (number of murders divided by city’s population) has “San Francisco ranked #1 for three straight years and will be #1 again this year. By comparison, this year Los Angeles was ranked 39th.” (SFGate)
    For over-all crime, we are more than twice as dangerous as L.A. or NYC. Don’t believe me? look it up.

  4. ^^^^ Hello? What’s the source for those numbers? And #1 compared to what?
    According to City Crime Rankings (not just murder) just released by Morgan Quitno, San Francisco is the 9th SAFEST city over 500K in the Country(there are 32 in all). (San Jose is #1,NYC is #5, San Diego is #7). Detroit, Wash, Balitmore are the most dangerous.
    SF never shows up in lists of most dangerous cities. Our murder rate is a fraction of Oakland’s or Richmond’s, for instance.

  5. Justin-the only way your numbers might be correct is if adjusted for demographic characteristics
    Otherwise I can tell you of two more dangerous cities across the Bay per capita called Oakland and Richmond and many many others and dozens more across the US
    Auden-what type of safety profile are you expecting for on a street a few clocks from some of the poor parts of the City? You need to ask a realtor to explain this dynamic?

  6. I agree with Curmudgeon. As a resident of this neighborhood for 17 years, I’ve only had pleasant experiences here (knock on wood). But perhaps I shouldn’t share that – then I won’t have to compete for space with potential new arrivals to the neighborhood!

  7. Zig, people move in from out of the area are not going to understand the dynamic of “baja noe” unless a realtor is upfront and honest with them. This agent was not.

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