Talk about irony. While reducing server errors related to leaving comments was one of our drivers for migrating to a new server and host this past weekend, in the process we not only managed to nuke the ability to leave comments but to read them as well. Oh, and we screwed up our RSS feeds and the archives too. Whoops.
And while we can’t promise there won’t be any more bumps in the road over the next few days, as far as we know RSS feeds should once again be feeding, the archives should once again be accessible, and readers can once again comment.
Speaking of which, as of an hour ago comments were enabled for the first time on the following three pieces (should you care to weigh in):
San Francisco Recorded Sales Activity In September: Down 2.3% YOY
Beacon Economics Forecast For San Francisco, Marin And San Mateo
Symphony Towers (750 Van Ness): Announcing Additional Cuts
Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding. And as always, thank you for plugging in. We’ll get back to the content this afternoon.