690 Market #2401: Staged Bed

Plugged-in people might recall the empty 3,595 square foot penthouse shell at San Francisco’s Ritz-Carlton Residences known as 690 Market #2401. And as a tipster notes, while it’s still a shell, it’s no longer empty. Yes, it’s been “staged.”

690 Market #2401: Staged Bath

And while some furnishings (and “un-fixed” fixtures) have been added, a half-million dollars have been taken away. Now asking $5,995,000 (down from $6,500,000 in June).

∙ Listing: 690 Market #2401 (3,595 square feet) – $5,995,000 [MLS]
A Concerning Comp (And Empty Shell) At The Ritz-Carlton Residences [SocketSite]

27 thoughts on “The Staging (And Reduction) Of That Ritz-Carlton Penthouse Shell”
  1. couldn’t hurt to stage it. It’s hard to envision an empty shell… this helps. this way you get a better idea of scale.

  2. Surely this is a relative bargain, given that “G” spent over $2000 per sq. ft. for his spread at the Infinity. Either that or “G” forgot to consult the oracle that is Socketsite [or something like that] before initiating his purchase.

  3. What I had in my imagination was much better. The chopped pillows and false bathroom make me cringe, but the red wall is kind of nice. The space and location are great, but that is a lot of extra money to pay for the Ritz treatment. Some overdone stone work or fixtures might be ignored, but the highest levels of luxury are really only for people who want that manner of service.

  4. Wow! I would love to put that kind of ceiling into my place. Does anyone know who makes it or where I can buy it? Are those designer Italian hand-made pipes? I do so love the neo-post-modern-retro look!

  5. An empty shell for $1500/sqft?
    OK, forget about the price – the first few photos look pretty dark, don’t they? The large empty space make the ceiling look low, and space look dark.
    And what are the last few photos? Rendering of what it could be?

  6. this makes me sad.
    whatever happened to the ritz? their branding people need to look at this mess.
    staging a shell? maybe howard johnson’s but the ritz?

  7. “Are those designer Italian hand-made pipes?”
    wow. I blew OJ out my nose. You’re paying for my Ear Nose Throat surgery!

  8. Perhaps the stager allied with the Ritz is running out of storage space for their furniture and this kills two birds with one stone ?
    Actually I admire the creativity of staging an empty shell and for once I can say that staging helps to understand how the space could be used. Every other staged home I’ve seen seems to just get in the way of seeing the house itself.
    But those pedestal sinks make me nervous. They’re designed so that the top lip is bolted to the wall. Free standing all it takes is one careless bump to turn them into worthless shards.

  9. Brilliantly Staged! says the listing.
    That’s an attempt at becoming a talking piece to renew interest into a listing that started to show its age.
    And it works, but maybe not for the right reasons.

  10. I was trying to think of something really snappy to say, but like everyone else I’m speechless. Who thought to do this! Are times this ruff? The Ritz Carlton Staging a Shell PH? Whoa.

  11. I agree that for the Ritz it is crazy to use this Pottery Barn kind of furniture (and how I hate those big mirrors propped against the wall that stagers always use). But that said, if you compare the photograph with the previous one of the empty shell, you have to admit it is a good idea to give a potential buyer some frame of reference for how they would use the space. But do it with upscale furnishings, not this stuff.

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