144 7th Avenue: Living
Okay, so perhaps it was simlpy the design, décor and nice little deck that caught our eye. But we do like the built-ins (although TV specific can be tough), the range hood (a nice touch), and marble (especially over granite). Plus, “expansion potential” always piques our interest (you know, in a “non-apple” kind of way).
Now if only there were another full bath…
∙ Listing: 144 7th Avenue (3/1.5) – $1,195,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by dub dub

    Very nice!
    One picky point — the kitchen counters “match” the bathroom ones, which is an unfortunate decision — I don’t want to be reminded of the bathroom in the kitchen (that’s just me 🙂 ).
    Is this a good price for the inner richmond?

  2. Posted by kthnxybe

    It’s not a great price for that particular block but it’s not bad either.
    This place is around the corner from our rent controlled hovel and it really is a nice neighborhood. But for a few hundred thousand more, you get an SFR, especially if you’re willing to be south of California street.
    I’m particularly in love with this one.
    If I was going to pay that much for a condo, I’d want to be north of Lake or at least on it.

  3. Posted by majr

    I don’t like all these TIC’s or condo things at high prices in what should be SFR’s. Who wants to live like that if they have kids? I live in a condo and it is hard not to step on your neighbor’s toes. Plus, you have to coordinate the yard, etc. if you want to have something impromtu. The SFR linked to be kthnxybe is nice, but $300K more. If you are in the million dollar range and have a family, go with the SFR. Though, I must admit, this one is lovely to look at with a nice yard, it just wouldn’t really be yours. Having half sucks.

  4. Posted by kthnxybe

    Well okay, it’s nearly fifty percent more… but I still really like it. 😉

  5. Posted by kthnxybe

    Uhm, looking at my comment it’s clear I can’t do math in my head before coffee … I meant 35% more.
    But, I guess if I was close to that range, I’d rather hold out for the SFR because I do have a family. And as nice as the neighborhood is, if I were single I’m not sure I’d want a condo there.

  6. Posted by Comp

    We were looking at this place 3 or so months ago, think it was listed at $1.295m and was on the market for a awhile (60 days?). It was previously overpriced, but closer to home now.

  7. Posted by dub dub

    footnote — I just noticed this is a condo/tic, so I’m not confused by thnks/majr’s comments anymore 🙂
    I blame the morning, etc…

  8. Posted by majr

    dub dub –
    I was saying that I don’t like condos/TIC’s at this price. This looks like it should be a SFR in the pics. I want a whole house for this price. kthnxybe linked (see their first post) to another place he/she liked in the area that was a sfr, but was $300k more. Sorry for the confusion.

  9. Posted by dub dub

    majr — I agree with you, I was confused because I didn’t realize it was actually a condo/TIC until the smart folks had already moved on 🙂

  10. Posted by tipster

    It’s sort of missing a bathroom for a family condo, isn’t it?

  11. Posted by Spencer

    any guess on sq footage?
    A condo in the inner richmond, south of california, for $1.1M sounds really really overpriced, that is, unless it is 2000Sq ft+
    Isn’t this a $600/sq ft neighborhood?

  12. Posted by kthnxybe

    It’s north of California, actually. I was saying that if I was looking in the 1 to 1.5 million range, I’d rather cross the street and get a cute SFR, because you can still get condos on Lake or north of it at this price. 😉

  13. Posted by wish it were better

    The one you’re in love with looks nice in the photos, but it’s not very nice. Have you seen it? I have.
    Some parts are ok, but it leaves much to be desired. The floors are in terrible shape. The two bathrooms upstairs are small and a tough compromise. One is downright tiny / terrible with a twelve inch sink.
    I love the yard. A family with two children has lived there for years, so it’s possible, but it’s not a 1.6mm hone in my book. And the other homes on the block look pretty beaten up too, so the fix up idea would make it far and away the best on the block. Not a nice looking block in general. Looks like pride of ownership hasn’t made it to that block. At some price, it will be a good buy. I predict a price reduction

  14. Posted by SocketSite

    144 7th Avenue closed escrow on 9/10/08 with a reported contract price of $1,195,000 (which might have been asterisked and not the real price).

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