6889 Devon Way, Berkeley

It’s not our usual fare, and it’s a bit outside our wheelhouse (at least this month), but we do aim to please. Plus it’s Friday, it’s hot (did you notice that pool?) and it’s past time for a cocktail. So a reader’s question to end the week: “Any idea what this house is? It looks like it’s off Devon Way in Berkeley.”

We can’t answer, but perhaps another will. Represent (and then join us on the deck).

UPDATE: And one again, represent you do (and frighteningly fast for late on a Friday). A plugged-in reader correctly identifies the Oakland Hills mansion that was built by Robert Felton in the year 2000 and then follows up with a reference to its 45 kilowatt solar system as featured (with a great title) in the New York Times. Cheers.

18 thoughts on “Name This East Bay <strike>House</strike> Compound In One Photo/Map Or Less”
  1. Definitely at the end of Devon Way. And yes the pool is cool, particularly today. But the most impressive feature is the expanse of manicured lawn between the house and pool. That much level ground in that neigborhood is what the neighbors would covet! Perfect for croquet . . . .

  2. This place overlooks the claremont hotel (to its left). I *think* I saw the original burn from a distance during the oakland hills fire, but I might be mistaken. The fire stopped roughly at the ridge, and did not march down the hill to consume the hotel. Explains the lack of vegetation up there too. The house can clearly
    be seen from 24 before entering the tunnel.
    I love the perfunctory solar cells to the right 🙂
    Use google maps with the “7000 devon way Oakland CA” address mentioned above. The microsoft maps appears horribly broken in my browser. Oh, Socketsite, why do you toy with us in this way!

  3. Some googleing reveals the address as 6889 Devon Way in Berkeley. There are three parcels, the largest of which is 21 acres (assessed at about $10m).

  4. Marc — I also notice there are many times more panels in the google picture than the microsoft one (so strike my perfunctory comment, as the microsoft one has only the little row on the left) 🙂

  5. That small circle on the left is a hot tub with the most amazing view. I used to stare across the canyon at the house using my friend’s telescope (c’mon, you would too). He has some well trained dobermans so no trying to break in an use the pool. 🙁

  6. attended a party at this home a little over a year ago for an exotic car event. was neat to see all the italian super cars lined up down the long driveway. the property is beautiful and prides itself with having views of three bridges. it was a fun adventure inside..though the overall interior decorating seemed a bit more commercial, it had many special rooms and details. it was gracious for the owner to open up his home for the large event.

  7. I have been through this home just after it was built; I was lucky enough to be dating his niece at the time. A lovely family to say the least. The circular room at the top of the pool you see is a sauna an framed is a live picture of the Golden Gate bridge from all seats within the sauna. (Sorry, Bob; it’s my fave feature of that house). There are too many other things I could dish but will not out of respect for Bob and his lovely home. One thing I will verify though is the dog and top-of-line-techie alarm system. Unscheduled/uninvited visiting is a no-no. From the deck that surround the main level; you can view ALL of the bridges on a clear day… really is a breath-taking property.

  8. my name is Howard i personally installed every countertop in the house!i cut out and polished all the sink holes on site the kitchen countertop is a masterpiece! not to mention the glowing countertops in the master bath!i was there for 8 months!what do you want to know?

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