153 Avila: Built-in
A plugged-in tipster feels your pain and not only offers up more precise floor plans for 153 Avila but a few photos of the built-in cabinet (“panel behind the TV…is removable so the TV can be pivoted to be viewed from either room”) that was added to divide the Master Bedroom from the Den as well.
We Provide The Photo, Address And Floor Plan, You Provide The ‘Teur [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by tipster

    Looks like a very liveable space, and the updated floor plans (in the post a few threads below) put nearly every issue raised about them to rest – I like the drawings of the cars and the door in the half bath. They did a great job with the remodel.
    Isa is a top restaurant, and although the next restaurant the guy opened around the corner was a complete flop, I expect a lot of thought and preparation went into the design for this home.
    I’m sure it will sell quickly.

  2. Posted by PamelaD

    It is in the apartment therapy ‘small apartment’ nominations…either that or dwell

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