153 Avila:Kitchen
From the listing: “Literally a restaurateur’s kitchen.” And so now we have to ask, who knows which one? And as such we have to wonder, isn’t that stove a tad far from the sink? You know, the nine-foot triangle and all.
153 Avila: Floor Plan
UPDATE: Damn you’re good. The restaurant(s) would be Isa (of which we’re fans) and Domo (at which we’ve never eaten). And the ‘teur, Luke Sung.
UPDATE: Unfortunately the floor plans attached to the listing are a bit distorted (note the half-bath). And as a plugged-in reader notes, “the lower floor extends out to the edge of the terrace above.”
UPDATE (4/21): And fortunately, a plugged-in tipster forwards more precise floor plans for the readers to peruse.
UPDATE (5/16): 153 Avila closed escrow on 5/15 with a reported contract price of $2,975,000 (10.4% over asking).
∙ Listing: 153 Avila (3/2.5) – $2,695,000 [] [MLS]
The Kitchen Work Triangle []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Olive Oil

    Never mind the working triangle, how about trying to use that half bath!

  2. Posted by bird_man

    Iron Chef Morimoto?

  3. Posted by Dude

    Famous restaurateur, huh? Hmmm…let me guess: is it Lee, from Lee’s Deli?

  4. Posted by david

    If you look carefully you can see that the plan is distorted at the two baths (stretched out). I walked around this place and it’s a normal bath and powder room.

  5. Posted by JB

    Luke Sung (Isa)

  6. Posted by pete

    It’s Luke Sung’s house (Isa restaurant)

  7. Posted by soapbox derby

    Another thing incorrect about the plans: the lower floor extends out to the edge of the terrace above.

  8. Posted by gmlight

    Don’t forget about Domo!

  9. Posted by david

    And the stairs don’t line up. Funny, I’d have thought you’d expect more from Sotheby’s.

  10. Posted by redseca2

    Now we have the photoshopped floor plans to go with the photoshopped photographs.
    Drawing to scale is so 1990’s.

  11. Posted by Michael

    I love the double doors and terrace off the back. Wish more houses around here had them.

  12. Posted by Kevin

    I love it! I would buy it, if I had the money. I just don’t have 2 million lying around, 🙁

  13. Posted by Mole Man

    The kitchen is on the big side, but that kind of layout works well if you cook with other people or a oversize ego.

  14. Posted by resp

    Wow you guys are harsh today. It’s a great looking house on a street well-known for gravity-defying prices. But all the comments about the floor plans seem justified.
    I’m very familiar with this type of layout – the way they’ve remodeled has a couple of disadvantages:
    1) It’s probably debatable whether that’s really a two car garage. probably just 2 minis.
    2) the reduction in size of the 2 bedrooms on the main level leaves the owner forced to use the downstairs bedroom as the master. won’t that alienate some buyers who don’t want to sleep on a concrete floor?
    3) no windows in the bathrooms but looks like skylights. either there was a light well that was taken away or there never were windows.
    Regardless, the price for Avila street is typical and it probably sells for 2.5.

  15. Posted by kaya

    ” Another thing incorrect about the plans: the lower floor extends out to the edge of the terrace above.”
    Which would probably explain the Escher-esque alignment of the rear stair. The front stair also looks slightly misaligned but less so.

  16. Posted by kk

    “The kitchen is on the big side, but that kind of layout works well if you cook with other people or a oversize ego.”
    Big kitchen = Big ego?
    Dumb comment = Dumb poster
    The guys an accomplished chef. I guess it’s easy to flame people when one hasn’t accomplished much themself.

  17. Posted by fluj

    I usually find Sotheby’s marketing to be less than the name brand conjures as well.

  18. Posted by [prime]

    Congrats to Chef Sung! There are many examples of early 30 year olds who live in million+ SFH in SF, and this is just another one of them. He started his own restaurant at 26, and is living the American dream. Hard work, and dedication, not complaining as to why the world is so unfair.

  19. Posted by [prime]

    Resp – I believe this house will go for at least $2.6million. just look at 451 Avila, asking $2.281 million, and just sold for $2.8 million with 9 bidders. There’s definitely high demand in this area of SF.

  20. Posted by resp

    Yeah I saw it this weekend and admit it probably goes for asking. Very impressive.
    Somehow the owners got the neighbors to let them add square footage by filling in two lightwells (note no windows in kitchen, baths, and DR). Whoever fixed the drawings did a good job but i’m still skeptical whether yuppie buyers can fit their two cars in the garage (bimmers or land rovers). OK 2.6 works – still have to give it a slight discount for having to sleep on the ground level.

  21. Posted by Art Tiste

    Sweet Tjasha Owen Painting on the back wall of the kitchen! I’ll guess…Craig Stoll & his wife from Del Fina ?

  22. Posted by ss

    Does anyone know what this is in escrow for?

  23. Posted by SocketSite

    153 Avila closed escrow yesterday (5/15) with a reported contract price of $2,975,000 (10.4% over asking).

  24. Posted by Wolf

    You title goes:
    “…You Provide The ‘Teur’.
    What’s a ‘Teur’?

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