While the developers of the 2.7 million-square-foot campus in south Mission Bay have officially expanded their horizons beyond life sciences and will now actively court the darlings of the valley (traditional technology firms, and yes, “web 2.0” start-ups), a mid-Market community benefit district (funded by property owners) has been established in an attempt to reclaim “the south side of Market Street from Fifth Street to Ninth Street, with dips north and south.” And if you happen to be walking on the north side of Market? That’s Tenderloin community benefit district territory.
Alexandria shifts gears at Mission Bay [Business Times]
Mid-Market combats blight with new district [Business Times]

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  1. Posted by zzzzzzzz

    Good and long overdue news about the mid-Market CBD. But I was under the impression that Chris Daly had succeeded in gutting the CBD, requiring, among other things, that 1/2 its revenues be spent on social programs rather than cleaning and security. Is that correct?

  2. Posted by Rillion

    How can it not be true, Chris Daly is apparently the devil and is on a mission to destroy all that is good in San Francisco.

  3. Posted by zzzzzz

    Cute. But when it comes to public safety, security, and maintenance of a minimal semblance of civic public behavior Daly is indisputably on the side of chaos. I don’t have a link handy, but I distinctly recall Daly amending the CBD when it went through the Board of Supervisors. The amendments had the express intent of gutting the CBD and changing it into more of a social welfare organization.

  4. Posted by Miles

    Very interesting indeed. Alexandria originally wanted to do a slow development of their large land holdings in Mission Bay over 15 years or so to match the budding biotech demand in the area. Then they decided to speed up their development cycle with more space coming out of the ground faster and now this decision as apparently demand for high priced biotech space in SF isn’t keeping up with their construction. Probably a good thing for the residential in this area though as more commercial space means more people in the area which hopefully will translate into a more vibrant community than what is there now.

  5. Posted by Bob

    zzzzz is correct about Daly’s amendments. The “good guys” trying to make the CBD effective are trying to work with the amendments (which i think require that a portion of the money go to nonprofits) by using nonprofits who can provide the cleanup services. Typical BS move by Daly to muck up a good idea.

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  7. Posted by jhbmtd yqpd

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