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Looking for a rough idea of what it might cost for a down to the studs remodel in San Francisco? Or perhaps you’ve been wondering what’s happening with the condo conversion of Rincon Towers? Well, you’re not alone. And thanks to the SocketSite community (and Real Estate Forums), we’re starting to accumulate answers to, and insights into, these topics and more.
The Forums are an opportunity for “plugged in” people across the Bay Area to ask and answer real estate related questions, to share or debate ideas or insights, or to simply start a discussion that’s top of mind (without being “off topic” on SocketSite).
We’ll highlight a few of the Forums features and functionality early next week (such as the ability for registered readers to directly exchange private messages). In the meantime, please consider taking a moment to poke around, register a profile, and join in the discussion. Speaking of which, can anbody answer a reader’s question concerning The Infinity’s total construction budget and profit margin?
Welcome to SocketSite’s Real Estate Forums. And as always, thank you for “plugging in.”
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