The Board of Supervisors is considering an appeal of the Planning Commissions approval for Home Depot’s Bayview project.

Specifically, the supervisors were charged with looking at whether the project’s environmental impact report — accepted by the Planning Commission — was accurate, objective and complete.
Paul Maltzer, the Planning Department’s environmental review officer, said he is satisfied that the project is environmentally sound and shows no “significant” problems in such areas as traffic, parking, air pollution and increased demands on city services that should stop it from going forward.
“We’ve studied this to death, frankly,” Maltzer told the supervisors.

Despite Maltzer’s expert opinion, Supervisor Ammiano (who represents neighboring Bernal Heights) was quoted as saying, “I see big holes here.” We’re not even going there (other than to point out that his quote is not nearly as catchy as “I see dead people”).
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