Looks like the rumors are true. Sort of. Although a portion of the historic San Francisco Flower Mart is up for sale, the actual Flower Market appears to be safe. For now…

A housing developer has made a bid to buy a portion of the historic San Francisco Flower Mart, and flower company shareholders are slated to vote on the deal in early September, according to real estate sources.
The California Flower Market portion of the property is not for sale, according to Robert Otsuka, executive vice president and general manager.
Speculation on the flower mart sale has increased in recent weeks, and the market’s biggest tenant, Silver Terrace, abruptly vacated its space two weeks ago, according to flower mart workers. Silver Terrace was the largest flower wholesale business among San Francisco Flower Market tenants.

We’re definitely curios as to the move by Silver Terrace (the Markets largest tenant) to vacate. Any insiders care to comment?
· S.F. Flower Mart considers bid for part of property [Examiner]

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