83 McAllister

Okay, while we might have branded “Mid-Market eyed for unusual projects” a non-story, it’s the story within the story we actually find quite interesting. In specific, the “tiny condo” movement.

“…Group I is building 60 tiny condominiums a block from Market Street. The project has attracted attention because of the small size of the units, their relative affordability and the lack of parking because of its transit-rich corridor location. The condos at 83-91 McAllister St. start at 225 square feet and will be priced in the $200,000s and up, project manager Dan Paris said.”

A first glance, we love it. And it’s quite “affordable.” But at nearly $1,000/sqft. it’s damn expense for any part of San Francisco (including Pacific Heights). Hell, that’s expensive (and small) for even New York or London!