Damn it! We weren’t planning on announcing this until next week, but those type-a innovative New Yorkers at Curbed just forced our hand
Have you ever noticed how often property statements/ads seem to feature an agents picture just as prominently as the actual listing? And is it just us, or has the Real Estate Times started to feature glamour shots/profiles of agents almost as frequently as actual real estate? Obviously we have seriously underestimated the importance of being a hottie in this industry. That is, until now…
We are pleased to announce SocketSite’s Bay Area Agent Pageant! That’s right, a good old pageant. Okay, so most likely there’s not going to be any swimsuit competition, nor questions that are likely to result in answers like, “I’d use my title to bring about world peace”, but a pageant nonetheless.
So without further ado, we’d like to open the floodgates for nominations (email: tips@socketsite.com). A couple of basic guidelines for nominees: 1. they must be licensed agents/brokers located in the Bay Area; and 2. their picture must be prominently displayed on a recent statement, ad, business card, or website. That’s it for now, so let’s get on with the nominations!
(yes, we’ll be posting additional details as the week progresses but cut us some slack, like we said, our hand was forced and we’re feeling a little flustered…)

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