Listed as a one-bedroom for $765,000 when The Hales Warehouse first hit the market in 2007, 410 Jessie #603 was purchased for $749,700 that July.
Having been unsuccessfully listed for $815,000 in 2009 and $799,000 in 2010, the 1,130 square foot condo is back on the market and listed as a short sale for $699,000 in 2012.
While newly listed as a “two bedroom,” however, there appears to be a bit of childlike listing license in play with respect to this San Francisco crib.
Editor’s Note: The floor plan for #603 by way of a plugged-in reader:
410 Jessie #603 Floor Plan
∙ Listing: 410 Jessie #603 (2/1) 1,107 sqft – $699,000 [Redfin]
New Listings For New Developments On The MLS [SocketSite]
Mint Lofts: 410 + 418 Jessie Street, San Francisco [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Unplugged

    I thought to “count” as an official bedroom there needs to be a closet. Unless there’s one in back of the camera, I don’t see one.

  2. Posted by Ivan

    This is not a 2bd, period. I can’t stand these misleading listings. Makes you question the integrity of the agent.

  3. Posted by Rillion

    Yeah, no closet and no door for that 2nd bedroom. Hopefully people looking for a real 2bd condo don’t waste their time because of this deceptive listing.

  4. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    A question for the color specialists out there: What’s up with the color scheme in the nursery? Those circles on the wall seem like a mashup of classic saturated kiddie colors and Aquaturd™. The result makes me queasy. I don’t get the same effect from Aquaturd™ alone or saturated primaries alone but this combination seems wickedly barfworthy.
    Is it just me or is there some merit to this color scheme?

  5. Posted by asiagoSF

    #603 floorplan in link below
    officially 1 BR, not sure what the agent (Kyle Kirk) is thinking

  6. Posted by REpornaddict

    Is that realy the official definition of a bedroom – with a closet? That’s funny – only in America!
    So the house I grew up in back in UK would be classified as a 0 bedrom, despite there being 2 fairly large rooms where we slept, containing 3 beds in total!

  7. Posted by Greg

    Unplugged doesn’t know what he/she is talking about. A closet is NOT required. Bedrooms in San Francisco must conform to the following:
    –Minimum Habitable room size (includes bedrooms) is 70 SF, 7′ minimum width (2007 CBC SEC 1208.3 & 1208.1)
    –Minimum ceiling height for Habitable rooms is 7′-6″
    –Only one exit (Means of Egress) is required, the other is an Emergency Escape & Rescue requirement. This is not a Fire Department requirement, it is a California Building Code requirement (SEC 1026.1)

  8. Posted by liesdmnedliesandtheNAR

    “This is not a 2bd, period. I can’t stand these misleading listings. Makes you question the integrity of the agent.”
    There are no standards and no regulations. I was renting a SFH that went up for sale six years ago. The agent listed it as having views of the GGB. There were no such views without walking outside and up the street about 25 feet and even then, it was barely true. I asked the agent about that and they said it was no big deal– no one would buy the place without coming to see it so they would not be misinformed at the hypothetical time of purchase.
    This is the wonderful world of real estate. The single largest purchase most people will ever make, but with the least amount of information. And regulations for buying and selling provided by the wonderful NAR.

  9. Posted by R

    I don’t see how the kid’s room pic and the floorplan jive.. Am I missing something?

  10. Posted by tipster

    There IS a closet for the second “bedroom” because the second “bedroom” is the walk in closet of the actual bedroom.
    Of course, when you configure it this way, neither “bedroom” has a closet making this two bedroom actually a studio.

  11. Posted by SoBayRealtor

    Regardless of bedroom count, the floor plan sucks….nice trek to the bathroom from the bedroom/s through kitchen.

  12. Posted by R

    “There IS a closet for the second “bedroom” because the second “bedroom” is the walk in closet of the actual bedroom.”
    Not according to the pics and floorplan.
    Best guess is they converted the far left space into a bedroom, but the floorplan doesn’t show the windows?

  13. Posted by kg

    There IS a closet for the second “bedroom” because the second “bedroom” is a closet.

  14. Posted by eddy

    Can anyone post the city requirements and regulations defining a closet?

  15. Posted by SFMichael

    I think @R is spot on, this is the second ‘bedroom’ is the far nook with a curtain put across it and with a window that doesn’t show on the floor plan. The walk in closet has a door and the window shown is on the wrong side relative to the door to be what we’re seeing.
    @Milkshake, I don’t think this was actually used as a nursery. Rather the just stuck in a crib and some decals to stage it as they couldn’t put in a bed without it looking ridiculous.

  16. Posted by Jane

    So tell me again -where do the clothes go?

  17. Posted by hk

    The floor plan does not match the photos. If you move the alcove on the left side one window bay to the right it will match the photos.

  18. Posted by tipster

    Actually, it looks better than that, Jane. I think what they did was to put in a closet unit for the new bedroom in the back of the living room, and then extended a panel of the closet unit across the opening for the alcove to make a door for the new “bedroom”. Photo 8 appears to show all of this.
    I thought it was a curtain divider too, but if you look carefully, the curtain is for the window. So it actually looks more legit than I first thought.

  19. Posted by redseca2

    Careful comparison on the floor plan and the photos seems to indicate:
    Wood veneer doors and paneling have been added across the entire far end of the living room that match the kitchen cabinets. The door sappear to be sliders. Part of this includes a real door to the previous dead-end nook making it a real room, or bedroom. The rest may conceal much needed storage but it doesn’t appear to be very deep. Yes, you could say a closet, but in the living room.
    The cooktop has also migrated to the kitchen island too, but no indication if the exhaust fan caught a ride with it.
    I have worked across the alley for years and let me just say that in some units those big windows are in the bathrooms, and some occupants were very, very slow in getting around to window coverings.

  20. Posted by Oceangoer

    All this with HOA dues of $725/month. Someone’s been smoking the funny stuff I think.

  21. Posted by lol

    HOA include spa, gym, elevator, 24-hour security.
    I wonder what insurances are included (earthquake?).
    Parking is leased for $300 which is a bit steep. Plus I assume you need to include upkeep for common areas like the rooftop and stuff.
    But true, right off the bat you’re paying $1650/month before mortgage for HOA/parking/property taxes. You can get a pair of 100s back in your itemized deductions though.

  22. Posted by wc1

    A closet isn’t the standard in most of the world. I’ve lived all over and most places use wardrobes or free standing “Ikea-ish” type closets.

  23. Posted by previous tenant

    I used to lease this place. Not bad. The second bedroom is not indicated on the posted floorplan; but, is in fact on the far left end of the space — the left, top of the living room brought out to the right and down and then to 45 angle to meet with the leftmost beam. The space created by this new wall provides for lr storage and a pull out closet to the right of the light switch in posted pic. Br door is a slider along same new wall. All of the finishes match. Would love to buy it at the now deflated price; but took too long to get there. Bought elsewhere.

  24. Hey folks. Glad my listing has been noticed by so many. I’m having Open House NEXT Saturday and Sunday (June 21st and 22nd) so please stop by to see this fantastic unit in a great building and location. Very central for Downtown and SOMA buyers.
    – No, I didn’t supply the floor plan and it doesn’t accurately reflect the unit.
    – Yes, there is a closet at the back of the living room and wood sliding door across the alcove to make it an enclosed bedroom room.
    – Yes, the work was all done WITH the benefit of permit from SF DBI and the original wood throughout the unit was matched.
    – No, a closet isn’t required for a room to be a bedroom. A window for emergency access is (which is present). A pull-out closet was thoughtfully installed in the retrofit to make the bedroom user friendly.
    I too am sometimes disappointed by misleading photos and listings. This isn’t my intention at all and I’m sure if you see the unit in person, you would agree. The Builders generic floor plan for the unit doesn’t accurately reflect the updates the Sellers have made, but we did out best to accurately reflect the entire condo with photos. Please come take a look.

  25. Posted by eddy

    The google street view confirms that there are an extra set of windows in the alcove that are not on the floorplan. See Name Link.
    You can even see that the cement beam and faux door on the gsv as seen from the picture of the crib room above. Mystery solved.
    redseca2 pretty much nailed it.

  26. “The google street view confirms that there are an extra set of windows in the alcove that are not on the floorplan. See Name Link.”
    Eddy, that’s a great street view. No idea you could get to that level of detail on Google Maps. Appears every other floor has the windows in the alcove. Better for that to be a plus than to show them for every unit and some not have them.
    The cooktop wasn’t moved. Perhaps that was an install change after the plans were drawn. No Vent Hood installed.

  27. Posted by anon

    Calling that little extension a bedroom is a dishonest joke.
    Here is another one bedroom soma condo that just sold for 370,000:
    For all those perma-bears who have been screaming 50% off, you’re wrong! It was only 49% off (if you ignore inflation, really 59% off)! Ha!

  28. Posted by R

    If the place is 1100 square feet, some rough measurements would make the master bedroom/closet/bath about 325 square feet, the living room/kitchen about 650 and the added bedroom about 125.
    So call it on the low side at 100 sq ft due to my bad measuring on a known bad floorplan.. that’s still an ok size for a second bedroom. Certainly not “a dishonest joke.”

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