1450 Masonic Avenue

Painstakingly restored and renovated in 2002, and already a “comfortable contemporary home” according to its listing last year, the 6,000-square-foot “Grande Dame” Victorian at 1450 Masonic Avenue was purchased for $5.375 million in July of 2014.

Four months later, plans to remodel the kitchen and three of its five and one-half bathrooms were approved.  And with the renovation now underway, the Buena Vista Park mansion has suddenly returned to the market listed for $4.5 million.

No word on whether the mansion’s sudden return is either directly or indirectly related to Twitter’s news.  The mansion traded hands for $4.95 million in 2005 as well.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by sethgreen

    wow. it barely appreciated from 2005 to 2014?

    • Posted by curmudgeon

      Real estate was accelerating towards a peak in 2005 (top was probably 2008?). Then everything dropped, then recovered. The lack of appreciation between these data points isn’t all that exceptional…

  2. Posted by publicrecords

    Not related to Twitter. Some quick searches on ownership records tie the trust that owns the Buena Vista Park mansion to someone who works in the finance industry.

    • Posted by taco

      Thanks for actually doing research. Not sure why the editor is so eager to jump to conclusions about Twitter.

  3. Posted by GOLSF

    I adore this house…I pass it often walking to Buena Vista Park from Grove Street. It always draws my attention…I think it is the most beautiful of the SF grand homes. Such a house is priceless…I would list it in the “if you need to ask, you can’t afford it” category.

  4. Posted by Pfffttt

    I wouldn’t ever want to own a Victorian, but they’re sure beautiful to look at when they are well maintained.

    • Posted by dwf

      You’ve got that right. I took on one of these projects in 2008. To do it right, especially in a hot market, the task is monumental. Unless you’ve been involved in one you’d have no idea. I can understand the owners backing out. We did too…but ultimately and regretfully went ahead when we couldn’t find a buyer. ugh.

  5. Posted by soccermom

    Whatever. See where it trades. Nina Hatvany has a contractor’s license and broker’s license and PhD in psychology from Stanford and she is widely recognized as one of the best trained negotiators in the business. She’s totally drawing you IN WITH THE LOW PRICING IT’S A CRAZY STRATEGY NO ONE HAS EVER TRIED BEFORE!!!!!

  6. Posted by Jack

    Why would the sellers take a $1 million bath on this place after a year?? Very odd!

  7. Posted by BobN

    Hmmm… recycled photos from the older listing and no interior shots now…

    So help me, if they painted that woodwork!!!!!

  8. Posted by jenofla

    Must be fairly gutted if prospective buyers have to sign a waiver of liability to take a tour. Too bad, it was a pretty house.

  9. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: The listing for 1450 Masonic has been withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale. And if a plugged-in tipster is correct, potential litigation is involved.

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