With the Nob Hill Neighbors’ appeal to block the development of 1601 Larkin Street denied, the demolition permit reinstated and historic artifacts removed, the dilapidated First St. John’s United Methodist Church at the corner of Larkin and Clay is getting ready to meet its maker, clearing the way for a five-floor building with 27 condos to rise:

It has been a decade since the development of the Larkin Street corner was first proposed.

10 thoughts on “Nob Hill Church Ready To Meet Its Maker For Condos To Rise”
  1. Finally! Kudos to the developer for the long slog through the SF Planning Commission and NIMBY neighborhood groups. It will be a great improvement seeing new housing at this location.

  2. Outstanding work on the title here.
    Surprised to see the city get this resolved in only 10 years. The upshot of course is that the design is probably a bit better and the market hotter than ever. So the developer can thank the city for that one.

  3. Nah. No bizarre overhanging metal towers, sloping roofs, or inhuman concrete tubes! NOT ACCEPTABLE, I say! NOT ACCEPTABLE.

  4. Well that’s throwing the bell tower out with the bay water for sure. This isn’t progress, its fauxgress. That means the fauxgressives no longer own what’s wrong with San Francisco.

  5. My SO lives right across the street from this church, and it’s not only an eyesore, but it’s also hosted a lot of really creepy folks at night, sleeping on the sidewalk and generally being a nuisance. It’ll be nice to see it replaced with new housing, the city desperately needs it. Although I’m sure she won’t be thrilled with all the 7am construction noise that’s likely to come with it…
    Forewarning to anybody looking at getting a unit here – that intersection is NOISY pretty much 24/7.

  6. FINALLY!!!!! Only in SF can such a great property sit vacant for TEN yrs due to city bureaucracy. Looking forward to a great addition to the neighborhood and knocking down that boarded up feces magnet.

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