While the project has yet to be approved, plans have drawn to raze the former Caesar’s Restaurant on the southwest corner of Bay and Powell and construct a four-story building with 17 condos, a new ground floor restaurant, and underground parking in its place:


From the architects: “On the edge of North Beach this building’s design is a response to the heavily trafficked Bay Street. The glass façade ripples and shimmers in a dynamic way and stands in contrast to the heavy masonry buildings surrounding it.”

8 thoughts on “Et Tu, Caesar’s? Plans For New Condos On The Edge Of North Beach”
  1. This is not the most picturesque corner, not to mention the noise factor. But, as we well know, people will buy just about anything.
    On the plus side, a dive bar is just down the street.

  2. I wanted to argue that there was a reason to retain the retail space , BUT , after looking around the area it became a lot easier to support this going 100% residential GET IT BUILT !

  3. I lived on Vandewater (alley street behind) for years. Bay quiets down considerably at night. It’s just crazy during commute hours. Too bad about Caesar’s though. It was a neighborhood gem that appealed more to the locals than the tourists.

  4. Way I see it, in order to preserve local restaurants and other establishments, you have to keep their rent at a reasonable level. To keep their rent at a reasonable level, you have to make sure the supply keeps up with the demand. To do that, you have to insist on new developments including an increase in retail square footage– or at least not a decrease in retail square footage.
    This will be a decrease in retail square footage, no doubt. But it will maintain a significant fraction of the existing retail, so that’s something we should be thankful for.

  5. Fu$%$ this. I am going to stop protest every new development and drive rents to the moon. I hate these supes and their stupidity.

  6. I approve! I think having taller buildings at corners and intersections work best. Per the rendering it also doesn’t look anonymous.

  7. The retail spaces in the mission bay type developments are huge steps back. Tiny, narrow, crowded. They are like walking into a dentist office.

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