The Emerald Fund has secured financing to dig up the 58-space parking lot on the northwest corner of Polk and Hayes Streets and construct a 13-story building with 162 rental units over a subterranean garage for 51 cars and 62 bikes on the site.


Designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz, the 101 Polk Street development should break ground “within a few weeks” and be ready for occupancy in early 2016.


10 thoughts on “Ready To Break Ground At 101 Polk Street For 162 Apartments To Rise”
  1. Traditional, but appropriate given the proximity to Civic Center. The only negative is that it will block most of the view of the new Americas Cup mural that was just put in place on that blank wall. Better than a parking lot though.

  2. Looks great. Classic. Not going to be in architecture books but looks really good. Hope the building looks like the rendering.

  3. I really like that the retail base will extend for the entire block, creating a rooftop for the residents while giving pedestrians and businesses more space on bottom. The people near the top facing city hall will have great views!

  4. Happy this is going to get developed , and with the other side of the block along Hayes also scheduled for demo , its going to have a nice numbers of housing units ,
    what I have not yet seen are plans for the AAA / Academy of Art building on this side of the block and the corner piece of housing at Hayes and Van Ness

  5. The trees are an artist rendering & it will be interesting to see if they planted. The corner is very windy – it will be interesting to see how the new buildings affect the wind flow. I’ve lived across the street for 43 years & am happy to see that ugly parking lot go away.
    The Academy of Art had to be aware of the new building when the mural was painted – a waste of great art – for shame.

  6. Woolie – I think you are referencing 150 Van Ness. See Socketsite’s November 15, 2013 post or search Socket Site for 150 Van Ness Avenue.

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