A 712 square foot Potrero Launch two-bedroom loft with polished concrete floors, stainless steel appliances, barn style bedroom doors and a whole host of building amenities including complimentary Wi-Fi is now available for $1,078 per month. And yes, there’s a catch or two.

As part of San Francisco’s Below Market Rate (BMR) Affordable Housing Program, the income for the tenants of the Dogpatch two-bedroom cannot exceed 50% of the Area Median Income, a maximum household income of $40,500 for two people or $45,550 for three. At the same time, the minimum household income to qualify for apartment E305 is at least $32,340 a year.
Applications for the two-bedroom BMR are due on December 9 with a lottery to follow depending upon the number of applicants. A market-rate two-bedroom of 852 square feet is also available in the building at 2235 Third Street for $3,950 a month, no lottery needed, and a 360 square foot studio for $2,425 which is nine dollars less than average in San Francisco these days.

5 thoughts on “A Luxury Two-Bedroom Dogpatch Loft For A Grand”
  1. Below Market Rate (BMR) Affordable Housing Program. That’s some politically correct progressive rhetoric, let’s call this what it truly is… “subsidized housing”. The developer/property owner is subsidizing the rent, not the government, not anyone else.

  2. I never understood why anyone would pay near the rent wanted here. There’s just not a lot to do around there, and the T line is a joke. I could maybe see if someone had to take Caltrain every day, but even still I personally would pass.

  3. Neither bedroom has a window, and therefore, this should legally be considered a studio+. Guess the folks at planning who administer the BMR rules don’t know any better…
    …or they realize that less rent should equal less apartment.

  4. That’s not a 2BR, it’s a studio with two walk-in closets.
    This really puts the BM in BMR.

  5. If you look at the lower/tan bedroom, you’ll notice that the door – as drawn – wouldn’t close. Seems pretty small.

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