While $420,000 might seem like a lot for a 613 square foot “junior one-bedroom” on the border of Pacific Heights, it’s $95,000 less than was paid for the sixth floor condo when 2999 California Street #603 was listed for $459,000 and sold for $515,000 in 2005.
And yes, the bedroom was once a walk-in closet:

Deeded parking and designated storage are included, and it’s a nice use of space.
The HOA dues for the unit are $455 a month, up from $306 in 2005. And the sale will be apples-to-apples, most likely multiple offers and all.
∙ Listing: 2999 California Street #603 (0/1) 613 sqft – $420,000 [2999california603.com]

19 thoughts on “A Closet Sized Bedroom, And That’s Not A Slight”
  1. I live on that block too. The building is the prettiest 1920s apartment buildings I’ve seen of that style (the photo doesn’t do it justice). It towers over everything nearby too, so it might have a view.
    Still. I live in a similar apartment that would rent for about $2250 with parking. $450k is like West Village prices.

  2. Describe to the website, if you would guest666 (nice name, not), the ins and outs of your knowledge regarding seven story buildings in San Francisco.

  3. You know a property listing is really reaching when they have to feature a photograph of a doorknob.
    I’m guessing the sellers wanted to move up to something with a closet? Maybe someplace to put the vacuum cleaner?

  4. I always wondered why they painted this building a beige with pink undertones on the upper portion, and then a beige with green undertones on the base.

  5. It actually has a dining space that is larger than most new 2 bedroom condos that are coming onto the market. I like this place. Small but in a great building. Very civilized indeed! (Parking is a real bonus…)

  6. Ran numbers in rent vs. buy calculator (yes, takes into account all factors including opportunity cost on down payment). With 20% down 15 year fixed loan, $3,000 all in per month. I think this would rent for $2,500 per month. Net house payment of $1,387 (tax benefits/downpayment) versus assumed rent of $2.5k with payback in 1.3 years. Seems like a great starter place for a single. Nicely staged as well.

  7. I think your rent estimate is low. I’d say 3k+ given the current rental market. But that still just proves your point…

  8. I used to live in this building…there are several other large closets including a walk-in besides the big one that are now used for sleeping…I don’t know the reasons why people needed so many closets in 1929 when it was built ….20 years ago studio’s without parking were selling for about $125,000. The space and light is good but you can hear your neighbors above and below (especially above).

  9. @anon,
    I will readily admit I am not an expert on pre-1940 SF apartment construction. Are you? However, I am guessing this building is a reinforced concrete building. I have also noticed the multitude of garage openings on the Baker Street side which would not normally be beneficial in creating sufficient shear strength to withstand a large seismic event.
    All of that said, there may be internal shear walls of which I am unaware, or the building may have been retrofitted, or this could be a steel frame building. These would all be important points to consider in evaluating this and other buildings in SF. But to assert that someone should not question anything to do with a property unless such person is an expert in the field is ridiculous. Rather than mocking my post, perhaps you should share your detailed analysis of the seismic safety features of this building to educate me as well as others.

  10. Because you can look up such information if you are truly curious. Musing about serious topics in a passing fashion is akin to trolling. Your next post was thoughtful and the sort of thing I personally would not have objected to.

  11. Why do you feel the need to weigh in on everything. Obtain a life or something lol … Or Go look it up yourself … As if you care about it ither than just participating in this website

  12. Anon, are you the seller or his/her realtor? You seem to be very upset by people pointing out the seismic risks with this building.

  13. Ha hahahha. No, nor did anyone “point out” anything. The inspections a potential buyer would hopefully get would do that. Where do you get the idea that these are knowledgeable posters pointing things out? they’re merely passing by and saying stuff about a tallish building they don’t really know.

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