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With J.C. Penney having been dropped as the potential anchor tenant for the 250,000-square-foot Market Street Place development at 935-965 Market Street between Fifth and Sixth Streets, the developers of the future Mid-Market retail complex formerly known as CityPlace are now “in advanced talks with Nordstrom Rack as a potential anchor tenant.”

That being said, with Marshalls having moved to the Phalen Building at 760 Market Street, the owners of 901 Market Street are courting Nordstrom Rack as well.

Regardless, demolition of the existing Mid-Market buildings on the Market Street Place site could start as early as this month according to the San Francisco Business Times.

CityPlace Revived With Plans For J.C. Penney As The Anchor Tenant [SocketSite]
Details To Augment Designs For “CityPlace” (935-965 Market Street) [SocketSite]

12 thoughts on “Market Street Place Ready To Demo And Courting Nordstrom Rack”
  1. Joe – I think Nordstrom Rack is more of a discount/clearance venue, separate from their flagship operation.
    Glad to see that this project is getting a second chance. I assume that the design details remain mostly unchanged.

  2. This view shows how drab Market St. looks. The windblown sycamore trees don’t make the landscape any more inviting. It’s still a mall concept and wish it could incorporate some dining at the street level with some outdoor seating to make it more harmonious with the outside.

  3. The first rendition of this said Nordstrom, and not nordstrom rack.
    [Editor’s Note: We’ll take the blame, but while the original headline simply read “Nordstrom,” the body always read Nordstrom Rack.]

  4. From the sounds of it, this is going to be a giant dollar store.. full of discount / budget retailers. I’m only halfway excited about this project because it’s infill.
    The design looks like super uninspired too.. How inviting is walking in the front doors and being punched in the face with the sides of escalators and a 70ft wall.
    Hopefully whatever goes in at street level makes it more appealing.

  5. There is already a Nordstrom Rack at Bryant and 9th. And this also seems too close to the regular Nordstrom. I thought this would
    have been a better place for Target than the Metreon…but what do I know?

  6. “From the sounds of it, this is going to be a giant dollar store.. full of discount / budget retailers. I’m only halfway excited about this project because it’s infill.” -Rob
    Yeah, god forbid a mall geared towards poorer people opens up in an area full of poor people!
    Also, you are aware that Nordstrom Rack is a bit more expensive than a dollar store, right?

  7. @cbf You definitely caught me there…hating on poor people.
    The comment I made was in regard to the quality of experience this project seems to be aiming for. JCPenny and Nordstrom definitely aren’t the most ambitious choices to be considered or courted for a piece of real estate like this.
    I’m sure you’re super poor or know a lot of “poorer people” so you’d understand that even poorer people should still be rewarded with a well considered option for shopping/eating/entertaining.

  8. Nordstrom is going with 901 Market Street for their new Rack rather than the Market Street Place development.

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