655 27th Street Before
Purchased as a two-bedroom “Art Deco gem” for $955,000 this past May, the Noe Valley home at 655 27th Street has been redesigned, remodeled and returned to the market as a “Mid Century Modern Envisoned” three-bedroom listed for $1,729,000.
655 27th Street
Inside, skylights now bathe the main floor and central staircase, a hot-rolled steel fireplace warms the living room, and the kitchen is finished with Viola Park walnut cabinets:

Two bedrooms open to a steel and Ipe deck which shelters the ground floor master suite.
And of course, as the (not so) great room looked before:
∙ Listing: 655 27th Street (3/2.5) – $1,729,000 [27thstreetmodern.com]

47 thoughts on “Six Months And A Modern Makeover Later, A Noe Home Returns”
  1. The facade has been stripped to the point of nothingness, not good. And now the window can’t be opened for thru flow, also not good. The backyard is cool though.

  2. Sorry to harp on it, but I am just astounded by that facade. Why why why oh why would anyone do that. That little bit of art deco or streamline moderne or whatever you want to call it was relatively graceful….nothing remarkable but pleasant. You could work with the fenestration to make something modern but contextual.
    Why do people go to the extra effort to obliterate character and replace it with NOTHING.

  3. The remodel is generally a failure. The windows are awkwardly close to the ceiling, the placement of the kitchen island is poor as is the attempted opening of the kitchen, etc… The good news is some dumb tech worker that thinks he/she/they are changing the world will undoubtedly snap it.

  4. What is the square footage here — tellingly, I didn’t see any mention of it (looks very small, maybe 1700?). I agree about the facade — it now reads as a blank face.

  5. What a shame to wipe a nice Moderne facade clean for something indistinguishable from a thousand other stucco fronts. Surely a contender for the architectural felony award for the month.

  6. 1,175 finished square feet prior to remodel, 1,700 after at most. Nice and easy job on the interior ($150k?), really like what they did out back.

  7. Any Expansion here? The permits I found online didnt have any, was the space behind the garage an inlaw? I dont even think this is 1700/ft, seems more like 1500, very similar to 1687 alabama

  8. I don’t like this part of Noe very much. Steep streets, boring mid-century homes, long walk to much of anything, on the windy and foggy side of Noe. Plus my ex-g/f lives here.
    But it is still Noe and will probably get something close to that price. $1k/sq foot is kind of insane though.

  9. A lot of places under 2M need a few minor fixups.
    For a few 10s, you could probably put the facade back in order — replace the main window with something a bit smaller, centered over the garage door, and and having some divisions — and add back the detailing to the facade. Would be surprised to see it happen though.
    Most of the rest is ok.

  10. The inside is mostly ok, although the kitchen island is a miss. I think the facade just needs a few tweaks; the asymmetry with the garage is distracting, but the window doesn’t even seem in line with the roof, as it slopes to the right. There has to be a better way of modernizing these mid-century homes.

  11. Yikes, the old facade at least had trim to counter the offset of the windows. The current blank facade clearly shows that the window is crooked to the roof line.

  12. “I am sure alot of x’s live in this part of upper Noe?”
    wow what are you implying about NoeValleyJims lifestyle?
    must make each trip he makes down 24th street akin to walking the gauntlet..

  13. I tried to buy this place but was outbid. Sad to see that this is what got built. There was a lot of potential here, but if this remodel is worth $1.7M I guess we will keep seeing this type of build.

  14. “I tried to buy this place but was outbid.”
    Looks like it was listed for $949k and sold for $955k, so unless you were bidding under asking you can’t have been outbid by much!
    I don’t know about the master suite, but otherwise I think this is exactly the kind of design the market wants.

  15. @CH, Could have been an all cash offer and Sparky’s might not have been, I’ve gotten beat on a few offers for a lower price cash the buyer was all cash and I had partial finincing

  16. “What is it then MOD? I’ve not been paying attention.”
    I call this “Box O Trendy Materials and Details” or BOTMAD for short.
    … destined to be remodeled into BOTMAD 2.0 in about 10 or 15 years.

  17. Now that I look back, I offered $850K for it before the first open house. My super agent and I didn’t think it made sense to pay any more for the place based on our projected costs and sale. We will see if I was wrong pretty soon.

  18. agree sparky I wouldnt have paid much more than 850k unless you could sit on it long enough for an expansion…If they get 1k/ft for this place I’ll be surprised, most stuff Ive seen go for 1k/ft has had much better finishing/materials or good views

  19. Last time for clarity. I see that what I actually did is write an $850K offer after the house was on the market for 3 weeks. It looks like only a few days after that someone came in over slightly over asking.
    Noe has gotten more expensive since then (“overhyped facebook effect” probably), so we shall see what happens. If this rode the upstairs add a master suite down play gets $1000/ft in this part of Noe we will start seeing it a lot.

  20. Mid-Century Modern is one of the most elegant, simple beautiful styles ever…this “inspired” look is great! Those of you whining how horrible it is should really chill out. Beauty a lot of times comes from simplicity!!

  21. Looks like 8′ ceilings too. That is a flaw that is virtually impossible to overcome. This house was remodeled in “2012 Fad motif.” I rarely criticize like typical Socket Siters, but this will be remodeled again or be a tear-downer (if allowed) in 2027, 15 years from now. Look at the bright side: This is an inspiration to others of what not to do.

  22. I actually think that my ex is pretty cool and I stay in touch with her and bump into her every so often on 24th Street.
    I just thought it was a funny thing to say.
    Noe wont’ be relatively overpriced until it gets more expensive than Cow Hollow. Real estate in general seems over priced to me in San Francisco right now but that is because interest rates are so mind blowingly low. I even bid in a place because at 3.25% the monthly looked good and it would have been a “place to grow old” in kind of location. I offered $180k over asking and was the lowest of four offers. I might even have been bidding against sparky on that one.

  23. Interior remodel seems nice and well-presented in the realtor website pics. But, 53 images and not a one of the full facade? Even the realtor seems to recognize the front is not a selling point. (And do we really need to thumb through 30 pics of neighborhood businesses and parks?) Nice overall, but still an aggressive listing price.

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