1376 Florida Before
Purchased for $700,000 in 2007 and then approved to be rebuilt as two “low energy condominiums” totaling 3,000 square feet, as plugged-in people know 1376 Florida was listed as a short-sale for $300,000 a year ago, sold for $320,000, and has since been rebuilt and expanded (although without all the low energy features originally proposed).
1376 Florida Rebuilt
Back on the market and now listed as two condos, they’re asking $799,000 for the lower 1376 Florida and $849,000 for the upper number 1378.
∙ Listing: 1376 Florida (3/2.5) 1,500 sqft – $799,000 []
∙ Listing: 1378 Florida (3/2) 1,500 sqft – $849,000 []
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by FormerAptBroker

    If I was selling this place I would have spent the ~$20 to have Home Depot or another paint store color match a gallon of the paint on the place next door and painted over the bare spot (15 minutes work with a brush and 4″ roller)…

  2. Posted by [anon.ed]

    Yeah, right. Like you know whether they asked the neighbors that question or not.

  3. Posted by lol

    Again the black-and-white picture feel. Soooo 2008.
    Now I have “Shades of Grey” stuck in my head.
    Otherwise a great transformation.

  4. Posted by wc1

    Looks good! Bet the neighborhood is pleased.

  5. Posted by Michael

    I’m surprised they got approval to add the garage. Was approval based on it being a “green development”?

  6. Posted by EH

    I imagine adding a unit to the market carries some weight in the garage-approval process.

  7. Posted by Willow

    Given this was purchased for 320K there is lots of money to be made here. If it sells anywhere close to asking this will be a really smart well executed flip. (I actually like the gray and white color palette.)
    Anyone venture to guess how much profit will be made by the sellers?

  8. Posted by sparky-b

    I think at asking they will make about $275K or so.

  9. Posted by Snark17

    Quite nice improvement to the neighborhood. Also appears to be a new building next door, in the after shot.

  10. Posted by R

    No, they just expanded the building.. Hence sparky’s $275k estimate of profit.. They put some serious work into this place.

  11. Posted by around1905

    If each of those units is around1700sf, and the build cost (for a builder) was around 250/sf, then at ask the profit will be about 500K. Build cost could have been lower (for a resourceful builder), higher for an amateur or an unlucky pro.
    Its nice to see profit expectations returned to earth.

  12. Posted by sparky-b

    Your number comes out to $850K for construction.
    Purchase was $320K
    Cost of purchase $10K
    Construction loan cost $50K
    Sale price: $1,650,000
    agents: $82.5K
    Transfer tax, staging, ongoing taxes, closing costs: $35K
    Total Profit: $302K
    I think they spent a little more either on the build or the carry.

  13. Posted by around1905

    I think that this place is going to make its money on a little squeeze here, and a little squeeze there.
    Looks like the selling agent is in the same office (if not the same person) as the person who bought it. The 82.5K number is retail; these folks won’t pay that. Ditto with the 35K (especially since the taxes on a 320K purchase would have been more like 4K).
    Haven’t seen the inside but my impression is that this wasn’t a high-end or a complicated build — could have been less than 250/sf, especially since two units were getting done at once and the envelope wasn’t substantially modified.
    So I’ll still argue that 500K profit may very well be on the table, but take your point that it could be as low as 300K. It certainly won’t lose money, and might have provided some amusement for folks idled during the past few slow years.

  14. Posted by sparky-b

    The last line is spot on. “buying a good job, with a great client”.
    I hope they are looking at $500K.

  15. Posted by mikey woodz

    So are they condos or still only fast-track TICs?
    If so how did they go from a single family straight to a condo?

  16. Posted by [anon.ed]

    They are condos. They went from SFR to condo by adding a unit, adding parking, and following the code.

  17. Posted by kathleen

    More off street parking. Yeah! Exactly what every neighborhood in this city desparately needs.

  18. Posted by sf builder

    I’m assuming everything we see was done legally, but isn’t there a requirement for garden/green area at the front of a building?
    I had thought I heard 20% of the front setback, or something like that — anyone know? And, if so, it doesn’t look like that planter to the left of the driveway is big enough to qualify…
    If anyone knows how this works please educate me.
    Also, from what I know, garages are still OK as long as the garage door is in the same plane as the primary face of the building, which this one is. If they tried to put the garage door in front of the house, then my understanding is “no way”.

  19. Posted by katdip

    around1905 – I don’t know anything about construction costs, but I see some pretty major envelope changes. There is the 3 story addition to the right of the stairs, the driveway and garage, the new story added to the top for the master suite, and possibly a 2 story addition or more on the back (I can’t see the back in the “before”, so don’t know how extensive that had to be). I assume many of those changes require significant foundation work, plus tying all those new parts into the existing building.

  20. Posted by rm87

    1378 is pending

  21. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 1378 Florida closed escrow yesterday with a reported contract price of $950,000 ($633 per square foot).

  22. Posted by sparky-b

    $100k difference from the list price. Grossly underpriced, must have been on purpose. What a horrible agent.

  23. Posted by R

    how many offers?

  24. Posted by mktwatcher

    Nearly $1M for this neighborhood is an eye catcher for sure. Curious to see what the lower sells for. It doesn’t have the view but I thought a better overall layout. The finishes in this place seemed much better than many of the Vanguard flips we’ve seen so much of in the last 5 years.

  25. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 1376 Florida Street has closed escrow with a reported contract price of $865,000 ($577 per square foot).

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