Belvedere’s Organ House
Built in the 1890’s and supposedly remodeled by Willis Polk in 1906, the “Organ House” across the bay in Belvedere at 433 Golden Gate Avenue was so named as one wing of the nearly 8,000 square foot property is dominated by a concert room “built to accommodate one of the largest privately-owned organs in existence at the time.”
Situated at the southern tip of the island, the property provides views from Oakland to the Golden Gate bridge. And as a plugged-in tipster notes, the “Jewel of Belvedere Island” has hit Craigslist asking asking $12,450 a month for a one year lease.
But if you’d rather buy, plugged-in people should also know the property is available for sale with an asking price of $19,995,000.
$12450 / 4br – The Jewel of Belvedere Island [Craigslist]
∙ Listing: 433 Golden Gate Ave, Belvedere (4/3) 7,800 sqft – $19,995,000 [tiburonland]

6 thoughts on “Rent Belvedere’s “Organ House” For $12,450 (Or Buy For $19.995M)”
  1. although i can afford to neither rent nor buy this home, i’d love to see the inside of it. i wonder whatever happened to the 30′ pipe organ? i was hoping to see it in the pics or the virtual ktvu dreamhome tour.
    there is a fabulous aeolian-skinner pipe organ in gammage auditorium at asu in tempe, arizona. it was donated by the hugh w. long family back in the 60’s. the auditorium itself was designed by frank lloyd wright (not to be confused with skirunman). traditionally organs like this are named for the donor. however, as it was considered unseemly to call it the long organ, it is simply referred to by the manufacturer’s name.

  2. I believe that the organ was removed about 30-40 years ago. If memory serves me correctly, it was removed from the site using a helicopter. Can’t remember where it went.
    When originally built, that property was one of several buildings located on a sprawling estate that encompassed much of Belvedere Island.

  3. Seems cheap at $12450 / month, especially if you consider I recently rented out a 2 br at One Rincon for $10k per month! (Yes it is a very high rent. Yes it actually happened. No I will not tell you the terms of the lease, the unit number, who lives there or his/her/their social security number(s).)

  4. The rent seems very cheap compared to the asking sale price. The two look completely unrelated.
    Then again, I don’t suppose there’s much of a market for $100K per month rentals.

  5. I guess I’m an odd duck, but it seems bizarre and terrible to me that neither description nor photos nor video tour mention anything about whether the organ is still there.
    Actually, it’s odd how little information there is in general about the interior of the house.

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