1530 48th Ave Street View
If you’ve ever seen the fence at 1530 48th Avenue and wondered what lies behind, now’s your chance to see. Call it a “country cabin” Victorian cottage with an old Wedgewood in the kitchen, an unfinished attic above, and a big porch from which to survey the front yard.
1530 48th Avenue Facade
∙ Listing: 1530 48th Avenue (2/1) 1,320 sqft – $799,000 [MLS] [Map]

18 thoughts on “Behind The Fence (And On The Market) At 1530 48th Avenue”
  1. This is super super SF charming! If commutes didn’t matter and this was much cheaper, this is a no brainer! I wonder how much taller I could make the wall before people complained. It’d be a tiny oasis. Worth every penny of 400k.

  2. Is it just me or does this seem wildly overpriced? It might have a nice paint job on the outside and some nice looking floors inside, but I’m not even convinced this place has good bones from the pictures on the listing. Wtf is up with the brick column? The suggestion seems to be “bring your unlicensed out-of-work contractor brother-in-law to build an extra bedroom in the attic.”
    It’s like they’re trying to get the price of 1618 Great Hwy on a fixer, and even if the house on Great Hwy is smaller, it’s still way better than this place.

  3. “That brick column in the kitchen is the chimney”
    I was more getting at the fact that it looks like it has been falling apart since the Truman administration, which is awesome in earthquake country.

  4. Q: “Is there really a bathtub under the exterior stairs?”
    A: “Bathroom is a good size with antique clawfoot shower basin, antique mirror and sink and toilet. Clawfoot tub DOES fit in bathroom and is still on-site.”

  5. That may have answered my question.
    They were really dreaming at $799K, considering what sold on this block at $610K recently: http://www.redfin.com/CA/San-Francisco/1560-48th-Ave-94122/home/1190513
    Everything else in the area ranges from just south of $500K to $650K or so.
    48th has had some foreclosures further south:
    http://www.redfin.com/CA/San-Francisco/1675-48th-Ave-94122/home/1508696 (includes fire damage, resold for less than foreclosure price after an attempt to get 50% more than the foreclosure price)

  6. The sale of 1530 48th Ave closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $550,000. And yes, it’s officially 10 percent “over asking” versus 31 percent under its list price of $799,000 in October.

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