147 Laidley
Listed for $3,350,000 last June but then withdrawn from the market last October, the AIA award winning 147 Laidley designed by and for Zack | de Vito Architecture is back on the market and asking $2,950,000.
A brief flirtation with the rental market last month was quickly rethought.
∙ Listing: 147 Laidley (4/3) 3,256 sqft – $2,950,000 [MLS]
The Scoop On 147 Laidley: AIA Award Winner “Coming Soon” [SocketSite]
2009 AIA Citation Award: Laidley Street Residence [aiasf.org]
Get A Feel For 147 Laidley Living For $12,500 Per Month [SocketSite]

8 thoughts on “147 Laidley Returns Asking $400K Less For The AIA Recognized Home”
  1. I visited this house quite a few times under construction and spoke to the architect at length. It’s a beautiful and extremely expensively built house conceived during the “always sell it for more next year” period of San Francisco real estate history. Unfortunately, the neighborhood can’t support a home this expensive in my opinion.

  2. My husband and I walked through this house last year when it was open.
    It is beautifully crafted but we found the living space too vertical and too open. Sound echoes right up through the staircase. That and it’s completely out of our price range.

  3. Personally, not my cuppa; it was ugly then, and still is ugly. Even with the reduction pric of $906/ft² for Glen Park seems steep.
    Though I do like the kitchen cabinets.

  4. Geo is right. This house is in Glen Park, not Noe Valley. There is a difference in price and most everyone knows it.

  5. Yeah, that’s inarguable by and large. But Laidley and maybe Randall street can be the exceptions that grab Noe prices. I hesitate to dismiss this one outright as I did before, at its new pricepoint. Have you taken notice of how many 2 – 3+M SFRs in areas 5 have gotten into contract in the last week and a half or so? I think it’s like five or six.

  6. I agree with anonn, this part of GP (Fairview heights?) is one of the nicest, especially the two or so blocks of Laidley and Beacon directly adjacent to Noe. Many of these properties have great views to the north and east. A few have deep (but steep) lots. But watch out for the natural springs. They’re usually innocuous though once and a while one pops up in a garage or below the house’s foundation.

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