While the AIA Award Winning 147 Laidley didn’t move when listed for $3,350,000 last year, you can call it home “on a month to month basis for 6-12 months” at $12,500 per month.
The Scoop On 147 Laidley: AIA Award Winner “Coming Soon” [SocketSite]
$12500 / 4br – Brand New Modern Masterpiece! [Craigslist]

8 thoughts on “Get A Feel For 147 Laidley Living For $12,500 Per Month”
  1. I think my favorite characteristic of the photos is that the view shots from the living room and side are all angled so that One Rincon is just outside the frame!

  2. If a buyer put 25% down at the last list price of $3.35M, the monthly payment would be around $13.5K on a 30 year fixed at 5%. But this could easily be a 5.5-6% loan, so realistically more like $14.25-15K on mortgage payments.
    Rental could be a decent deal by that standard, but a few people here have mentioned an informal ceiling on rentals at $10K/month?

  3. Will 6-12 months be enough for the market to come back and lift this ship back to buoyancy?
    Wishful thinking I think.

  4. Nobody in their right mind will pay $12k/mo to move in/out of rental for 6 mo. I’ll offer to pay for the staging furniture rental and live there for free till it sells. I promise to keep it in a staging shape.

  5. Who wants to pay 3.35 to live in Glen Park? Its a nice little hood, but you can live in a great place ANYWHERE for that price right now. The Zak Architecture show is good, but the musical chairs stopped before they got this one sold.

  6. I feel as if this has a much better shot of renting for 10K or so than it ever did at even getting the high 2Ms. Three point three five for Glen Park was never close to a reality.

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