2 Ord Court
Quite simply, we’re suckers for Arts & Crafts (even if it’s only “inspired by”).
2 Ord Court Inside
∙ Listing: 2 Ord Court (1/1) 1,100 sqft – $875,000 [secludedordcourt.com] [MLS]

35 thoughts on “Quite Simply, We’re Suckers For The Arts (And Crafts)”
  1. I’m a sucker for that too. I think it’s beautiful, if you don’t need more space than that and can afford it.
    It’s exactly the kind of thing I’d envision for myself if I was single or for when we’re older and the kids are grown. A spot just like that but on the central coast is my dream retirement, unless we get some grandkids one day. 🙂

  2. Nice but I’m not feeling that wood on the ceiling, it’s all knotty where the walls are not. That and the ceiling in places just feels oddly undifferentiated rather than “soaring” despite it’s cathedral nature. Perhaps if the ceiling were painted white in the main areas?

  3. I could definitely go for this somewhere up in the Santa Cruz mountains. Anywhere within 1hr of a Costco, WFM, and Chipotle and I’m good.

  4. I am with bornnraised
    Seems awfully overpriced. I do like the hot-tub (don’t know why more places don’t have it here, since it never is really *HOT* in the city for more than 2 or 3 days a year…). I also dig the fireplace, which looks like the fake ones that are not so romantic, but very *safe* in that you are unlikely to cause a fire. Especially in a place like this where everthing will burn to the ground !
    Finally, isn’t this in bernal heights ? That is all suburban moms and screamy noisy annoying kids, isn’t it ?

  5. LOL……………Chad, don’t you know that all kids are just “darling” ?
    This is in the upper Market area and prime to the steep 17th St where a loose stroller is like a bullet.

  6. I am also of the opinion that the ceiling choice was a mistake. And no parking??…$800/ft² if it had a garage, sure in that neighborhood; but without? gambatte.

  7. Anyone know who owns this place? Looks like this was a flip as the shack that was there (same footprint) was on the market not long ago.
    They should have posted a “before” photo. This is a great improvement, but if they had built up a bit or just put in a roof deck they would have had a killer view.
    This is not Bernal Heights. I guess you would say it is just above the Castro and at the foot of Corona Heights.

  8. Just took a second look at the listing. Where’s the laundry?
    This was sold with the house in front of it as one property, but is listed now as a single family home. They might have been better off making this condos with shared parking and laundry in the garage of the front building, which has a large garage. The HOA’s would have been low, with very few shared costs.
    Instead, they have painted themselves into a corner. What market is there for one bedroom homes – with no laundry and no parking? A single man who wants to live near the Castro? Then why have your open house the same day as the Castro Street Fair?
    Odd that the address for this place is Ord. The house is actually on the Saturn stairs, which running groups and boot camps love to race up and down at dawn. Not good for a light sleeper.

  9. This is a gorgeous home and a fabulous spot. One bedroom wouldn’t work for a family, but this would be a great place for a single or couple. Given the location and the style, I think it goes for asking. How did that place on Beaver do?

  10. Only speaking to the design, this is a very nice aesthetic and a refreshing change from the many DWELL imitations that are constantly done throughout the city. Places that feel they are unique to, and a part of San Francisco, tend to sell much quicker than places trying to be L.A. or Miami.

  11. Quite beautiful. Over priced and too small to work for a family. Who’s the target buyer for this thing anyway. I thought that median family income in SF is $70k… (am I wrong about this).

  12. QUICK. Sell that beautiful home to someone who appreciates its uniqueness before some stager goes through and paints everything white and ruins it forever.

  13. No laundry, no parking, expensive, prime location, tons of wood.
    Clearly, the target buyer would be well off gay couples.

  14. I don’t think it’s overprice. There must be at LEAST $150,000 worth of CUSTOM woodwork invested in the building. Square footage is just one variable to judge a home. Details, layout performance and design has value too. Look at how cars are priced. It’s like comparing a Mini Cooper verse a Chevy sedan. This is a gem and beautiful.
    It makes me want to start up my table saw.

  15. @bgelldawg….There is a little confusion about the location. This is actually located on Ord Court right near States (go into Ord from 17th and take a right)…not on the Saturn Steps as you said. It doesn’t mention access via States, so I’m assuming there is none, but there is an almost secret short flight of stairs almost directly adjacent to this property which connects States to Ord & Douglas. And parking on States is even easier.
    Not saying the lack of parking doesn’t diminish the value…but there are lots of options.
    It’s a very special, unique location. Very Tales of the City, with wonderful gardens and stairway walks.

  16. curmudge – right you are. I was confusing this with a nearby and similarly-sized property.
    How do I turn on the edit function for comments?

  17. Why so many odd/offbase comments on this property? We took a look in person on Saturday and here’s what we learned/confirmed.
    A: There is laundry. Not sure what to call the unfinished “walk space” under the house (~6′ ceiling so not really a crawl space), but there is laundry there and *more* wood! (wood in the form of some surprisingly nice built in plywood shelving – the nicest unfinished plywood shelving I’ve seen…no joke.)
    B: I’m told the current owner was there for 17 years.  Not sure for whom that would still be considered a “flip”.  Less sure how they have “painted themselves into a corner” based on their choice of land use.  
    C: It is on Ord. There is nothing to argue on this detail.
    D: Ord is not in Bernal. This is not difficult to confirm. Is it me or is the latest banter on SS trending less, shall we say, “brilliant”?  
    E:  @ Paul Hwang:  Why powerwash?  The house has a cedar shake exterior that I took notice of specifically because it looked nice, and a great deal fresher and more crisp than the cedar shake exterior on our SF home.   I get the impression from your occasional posts that you deal in high-rise, Soma type stuff, so maybe this type of siding is not a material you are typically viewing/judging?
    As far as our impressions of the house, we very much liked the style, save the depressing closet in the master bedroom, and were most impressed with how many pleasant, comfortable spaces could be nested into that 1100sf space, as well as the thoughtful built-ins and the warm douglas fir all over the place.  Probably too small for us, with all our stuff, but really felt like a sweet place to spend time, if you can live a bit more simply than we do.
    For the non-status-obsessed, it would be hard to beat as a pied-a-terre if a parking pad was available. -We do agree that it’s priced too high, sans parking..

  18. Agree with Chad. Only a realtor would use the word “pied-a-terre.” All these commuters and second home people are going to save the SF housing market, don’tcha know?

  19. Pied-a-terre is just a fancy French word for “Shag Pad” which is the correct Socketsite(TM) nomenclature.

  20. There were many offers on this, all over asking, and one all cash. The winning bidders removed the appraisal contingency. Gem of a house.

  21. The sale of 2 Ord Court closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $922,000 (5% over asking). We’re thinking housewarming/holiday party, and you know where to send the invitations.

  22. Sorry to revive an old thread but some digging brought these comments to my attention this AM:
    @Chad, do you have a hard time hiding your paranoia from your attending physician?
    @sfrenegade: I expect more from you.
    A realtor I am not. Nor do I have much respect for that industry in SF. I’ve lived in SF for 8 years, in the same rented cottage I found when I landed here.
    Since then I’ve watched the insanity, including watching 3 different friends getting talked into “gotta get in now or be priced out….” hype in 2006-2007, only to each get burned in a big way (buying a heavily depreciating asset). All I could say to them at the time of the frenzy was “just don’t be in a hurry”.
    I’ve been in a healthy position to buy for the past 4 years but remain on the sidelines, albeit interested at times, hence my comments on this house.
    For you guys to think that any detailed comments, which weigh more positive than negative, are hidden hype from a realtor, is awfully negative & paranoid.

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