622 27th Street
One of three relatively modern (or at least contemporary) homes in a row on 27th Street, 622 is on the market and asking $2,349,000. Purchased for $1,559,500 in 2003.
622 27th Street: Living
Not open this weekend, but there is a Tuesday Tour for brokers and floor plans to share.
622 27th Street: Floor Plans
∙ Listing: 622 27th Street (3/2.5) – $2,349,000 [MLS] [Map]

17 thoughts on “A Contemporary In 2003 Is Back On The Market In 2009, Is It Still So?”
  1. this is an apple waiting to be picked, no?
    if they get list, that’s a 7% (nominal) annual appreciation. if it closes for $2M flat, that’s 4.2%.

  2. Beautiful curb appeal…but this place is half of a duplex, no? It doesn’t have the allure of the other modern homes in that part of the neighborhood (the block further up, at 27th & Diamond, or the huge house at 625 Duncan, or the immense house on the cul-de-sac of the 500 block of Duncan).

  3. They are pushing it. Too far from anything, low ceilings and sadly ’03 renovation just looks dated already.
    2.2 if it all.

  4. What’s the deal with the mech/storage space with the loft above it?
    Also, garage above bedrooms? Does that make it loud in the bedroom whenever someone drives in/out? I guess I’m just not used to this scenario — just asking for feedback.
    (the bedrooms seem lightly staged, almost barren and empty, whereas the non-bedrooms seem over-filled in comparison, no?)

  5. We designed this house and the one next to it at the same time. They are not duplexes, but two similar but not identical single family homes. The homes were designed to share a below-grade front court which brings light in to the lower floor. The court idea was inspired by Eichler. The loft above the mechanical/storage space was the idea of our client who added it during construction because he didn’t like the thought of unused leftover space. Because the site is steeply downsloping, there was a lot of volume in the lower spaces.

  6. Mark, with all due respect to how you designed it, when I stand looking at the property, it looks and feels like a duplex.

  7. New owner carrying the first loan? That’s very smart.
    Basically he’s renting you the place for 30 years. You pay all the maintenance, taxes and such. He doesn’t own it after the 30 years of course, except if you default! If the seller is in his 50s, it’s a good way to have a fixed income for your golden years. There’s no adjustment for inflation, though, but the interest he is charging should take that into consideration.
    [Editor’s Note: Read as “new offer” (not owner). But note said new offer was also being offered last December.]

  8. This sold (acc. to Zillow) on June 24 for $2.025. Can’t vouch for Zillow (maybe someone can check a more reliable source) but, if true, it’s a very good result for the hood. That’d be about a 30% increase over 2003 for this apple.

  9. Saw this place a while ago. There is no access to the back garden except through the house down 3 flights of stairs. Somebody put in a huge lawn so to cut it you will have to drag a mower through the house all the way down. There is no storage of any kind in the garden so you’ll have to haul garden supplies up and down every time you want to do anything out there. The only access to that “courtyard” whatever it is is to go outside the house and then down some stairs into the cave. No access from inside the house but someone off the street could easily help themselves to that spot. Garage over a bedroom. No privacy from street, people can easily look in on you in your home. Weird.

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