2006 Washington #4: Living

While “totally empty as of a couple of weeks ago,” as a plugged-in reader notes with respect to 2006 Washington Number 4:

“New Interior Pics online that should put to rest any questions about the interior condition of this unit. Although no pics of kitchen and some of the pics seem a bit overly staged.”

Once again, originally listed for $15,000,000 with McGuire and then reduced to $12,500,000 in March, now listed with Malin (Coldwell Banker) and asking $8,500,000.

11 thoughts on “A Peek Inside A Recently Staged 2006 Washington Number Four”
  1. Nice place indeed. I understand the building doesn’t have that many units but with no amenities what does that $4900 HOA cover? Could it possibly be that heavy with insurance?

  2. ^^ The HOA dues also cover the people in charge of holding the door for you, and the coffee and snacks at HOA board meetings. If you don’t think you’re getting your money’s worth, just join the board. I hear that snacks are fantastic.

  3. They’d need to have lines of cocaine at the board meetings to justify that HOA. What that tells me is you have lots of staff and few units.
    Some of those high end places just hire out their staff to management companies who will do anything for the residents, like clean the carpets and stock the fridge to their specifications each time that resident comes into town. The companies that do that charge a small fortune, but the residents want things exactly how they want them more than they want to pay a low price.

  4. Wait, this is the place with the weird setup in the floorplan where two bedrooms share one entrance. You have to walk through one bedroom to get to the other. Does anyone know if they’ve corrected it? Or is that a his/her, his/his, her/her, theirs/pets’, bedroom setup?

  5. I asked and asked and through the grapevine, I heard Arthur McLaughlin’s team did the staging. If this is true…well done!

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