Pier 27 Conceptual Drawing
The Port of San Francisco is holding a public workshop tonight from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Pier 1 to discuss their conceptual designs to transform Pier 27 into a cruise terminal.
Pier 27 Cruise Terminal Design [SFGov]
The Port’s Plan For Pier 27: We Don’t Need No Stinking Rate Of Return! [SocketSite]

5 thoughts on “Pier 27 Public Workshop On Pier 1 Tonight (7/30/09)”
  1. How much does this project cost and how is it bring financed?
    Is it entirely paid for by private capital sources??

  2. OK, I didnt see the last article. I have to wonder about the likelihood of this being a government funding priority any time soon, given thr state of CA and SF finances?
    Any abt the ability of the port despite good intentions to manage the cost exposure of a rather risky infrastructure project;
    and whether the presumed follow on investment by private sources ABOVE the 40 MIL infrastructure porject will materialize. anyone remember the Mills/YMCA/City episode down the waterfront.
    This looks like a good project with good intent – i am just skeptical about its feasibility.
    The most recent terminal plan calls for the Port to pay for needed infrastructure improvements without relying on the assistance of the private sector, according to Finance Director Tina Olsen

  3. they’ve been talking about a new cruise ship terminal for years. we could certainly use something nicer to greet visitors; the city should be embarrassed by pier 35. but then again, it would be nice to do away with cruise ships and their pollution altogether in sf bay.

  4. “but then again, it would be nice to do away with cruise ships and their pollution altogether in sf bay.”
    has got to be one the silliest comments I’ve ever read here on SocketSite. You wanna get rid of all the cargo ship traffic too? The number of cruise ships that visit SF every year is so tiny compared to that as to be undetectable, yet the standard Bay Area NIMBY, unthinking, know-nothing response to almost anything positive, it “Bah! we’re so special already we don’t need it.” How ridiculous!

  5. Again: vision-less design mediocrity for SF.
    Has anyone seen the Yokohama Passenger Terminal by FOA? It makes this look like a crappy storage shed…

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