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Intracorp’s Arterra at 300 Berry has officially been granted LEED Silver Certification, “making it San Francisco’s only residential high-rise to earn Silver status from the United States Green Building Council (USGBG).”
75% of Arterra’s 269 condos are currently either closed or in contract, up from roughly 50% “sold” last September while The Hayes has since sold out (literally not figuratively).
The Hayes And Arterra: A Grand Opening And Both Roughly 50% Sold [SocketSite]

10 thoughts on “Arterra (300 Berry) Takes LEED Silver, Hits 75% Closed Or In Contract”
  1. This implies other SF high rises have obtained some level of LEED certification but not to the level of Silver.
    Is this correct and if so does anyone know which developments?
    [Editor’s Note: As far as we know it’s the only big market rate residential building in San Francisco to have received any type of LEED certification.]
    [Editor’s Note: Make that market rate and see the comment by a plugged-in reader who rightly takes us to task below.]

  2. Folsom Dore Apartments (low-income rental) developed by Citizens Housing was the first ground-up residential new construction to receive LEED certification (Silver) back in 2006. Plaza Apartments at 6th and Howard also got LEED Silver in 2007 (also low-income rental for formerly homeless). For market-rate residential developments, pretty sure Arterra is it.
    [Editor’s Note: Two buildings we shouldn’t have missed (especially since we highlighted Folsom Dore over two years ago). Cheers.]

  3. As far as I know, Arterra’s marketing always claims it to be the first LEED certified residential high-rise in San Francisco. Not sure if “high rise” has an official definition?

  4. Don’t know about the silver, but I love the orange details. Brings a smile to my face every time I drive back into the city on 280.

  5. does anyone know what the distribution of remaining units are (i.e. 1br vs 2br vs 3br,…)? and price ranges?
    love the building, but the neighborhood lacks that “neighborhood” feel. a convenient location, regardless.

  6. @TK
    I’ve understood high-rises to be anything above 8 stories (while mid-rises are 4-8 stories), but Wikipedia defines a high-rise as buildings ranging from 75 ft to 491 ft in height.

  7. As mentioned many times I’m not fond of Mission Blah architecture, but driving the 280 to 6th st flyover ramp at around sunset yesterday this building was quite striking. Definitely caught my eye. Score one for Arterra.

  8. Does anyone know how many people actually live there? Seems like only a handful (certainly not 75%, likely not 25%), based on in/out traffic and nightime lights.

  9. When people say that one can’t build anything interesting because of height restrictions, zoning restrictions, cost restrictions, etc., the Arterra is my response. A simple design with some tasteful imagination turned an ordinary building into an interesting one.

  10. – Does anybody know the price per sq/ft for the Arterra in Mission Bay, for a 1 bedroom?
    – How much per floor does the price per sq/ft go up if you go to a higher floor? How about floors above 10?
    – Did you or someone you know bought a place there?
    – Any advice on the offer process?

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