Arden Estates Under Construction
Originally priced between $1,995,000 and $2,195,000, a plugged-in tipster notices the new $1,699,000 to $1,950,000 range for five of the seven new construction homes of “Arden Estates” on the edge of West Portal on 15th Avenue.
2763 15th Avenue
Two of the seven four bed, three and one-half bath detached homes are advertising prices TBD. In the opinion of said tipster who walked through, “Interesting houses, but a pretty high price point given what $1.7-2M gets you in Saint Francis Wood.”
Arden Estates []
∙ Listing: 2733 15th Avenue (4/3.5) 3,290 sqft – $1,699,000 [Barbagelata via Pacunion]
∙ Listing: 2763 15th Avenue (4/3.5) 3,300 sqft – $1,950,000 [Barbagelata via Pacunion]

26 thoughts on “A Round Of…Cuts For The All New “Arden Estates” On 15th Avenue”
  1. How long until the copper downspout and roofing are stolen? Guesses anyone? (mine were stolen 6 months ago….)

  2. Other than the prices and soon to be stolen copper downspouts, what exactly is the “luxury” part of what look like very ordinary homes that would usually be seen in outer outer ring suburbs?

  3. The homes are nice but a bit generic. They are asking St. Francis Wood prices in a neigborhood where homes are around 1.1mill
    Great proximity to West Portal, but this street is the short-cut route everyone takes coming off of Portola to hit Vicente(including the police).

  4. What if they were located in Florianopolis, Brazil? Then what? LOL. If my aunt was my uncle her name would be Dirk. These are very well built homes, btw. They’re near a transit line, they’re large, detached and have large lots that open up to some green space. And now they’re all now under 600 a foot. The problem is that they’re basically their own market. Hard to call it, but Indiana it is not.

  5. These houses are much larger than the $1.1M homes they are around. But I agree, they are still asking SFW pricing. I think one more of these price cuts will get them sold. (Still, I am hoping they to get this price).

  6. Given my Lazy Bathroom Indicator(TM) I predict these will not sell for a year at least. Insufficient bathrooms (all bedrooms must have a dedicated full bathroom, plus one extra on each level). To appeal to today’s discerning $1.7M buyer, these would need 4 full and two half baths, at least.

  7. Yeah, Jimmy, I know you like it but that one isn’t worth much. Three and a half bathrooms is plenty for most people.

  8. I’ll never understand America’s current obsession with multiple bathrooms. When I was your age the wealthy had multiple televisions (all of them color, no less) — and that I got/envied — but the same number of rooms as the common man under their roof in which to defecate.

  9. A jack-and-jill bathroom between the second and third bedrooms is fine, because you’re still not having to go out into the hall in the middle of the night. (Jimmy’s being sarcastic, right?)
    I’ll agree with the consensus and say that these houses are too expensive for where and what they are. Not that West Portal isn’t totally cute and that there aren’t people (I am not one of them) who totally fall for that “old timey but new construction” thing. Ick.

  10. There aren’t a lot of properties with this amount of space this close to West Portal Ave. W. Portal is a great location for people looking for a very walkable neighborhood with goos transportation access – especially if they don’t mind fog! I think this is a nice option for a family and would consider it over St. Francis Wood for the convenience.
    As for the bathrooms, I wouldn’t consider these low on bathrooms. I see a lot of older homes being offering for 1.8-2.3M where there is only one full bath on the level with most or all of the bedrooms. For that kind of money, sharing a bathroom with the kids is out of the question in my book. But a full bath per bedroom plus extra is too much.

  11. Very nice homes and great neighborhood. West Portal is the hidden gem in the city. However I don’t see these moving at the existing prices. $1.1- $1.3 would move these.

  12. Very nice homes and great neighborhood. West Portal is the hidden gem in the city. However I don’t see these moving at the existing prices. $1.1- $1.3 would move these.

  13. Very nice homes and great neighborhood. West Portal is the hidden gem in the city. However I don’t see these moving at the existing prices. $1.1- $1.3 would move these.

  14. There’s nothing very luxurious about these homes. Interior is pretty bland too. For the price, I would expect more. But I guess you’re paying a premium for the size and newness of the units.

  15. These homes are built in a big geographic dip that leads down to the big Stern Grove Canyon.
    I’d want to ensure you’re not sitting on landfill. If you’re going to have Marina style liquifacation risks (and pay Marina prices) , may as well live in the Marina

  16. These homes are built on landfill. This entire area was a lake that was filled in with the dirt that was dug out when the West Portal muni tunnel was created. A huge sink hole developed on 15th avenue when they were constructing the first homes. An underground creek runs under that whole area.
    Also good luck to the future homeowners backing out of their driveways. People blow through that area and drag race up 15th Avenue. There’s also a dangerous curve at the top where 15th Avenue meets West Portal. That developer is crazy if he thinks he’ll get those prices.
    Extended families have been looking at these homes. But with the weird open layout of the ground floor, grandma and grandpa will never have any privacy. Stupid decisions made by architect and developer. Just sayin’

  17. Copper is back to being worthless, so I wouldn’t worry about the downspouts. I /would/ however worry about living in the ugliest house in town. Yech.

  18. Yeah, I remember when there were predictions that the copper would be ripped off the homes on 17th and Clayton, but it is still there, too.
    And on my house, too.

  19. I was pleasantly surprised by the floorplan, finishes and green construction. I’ve been selling homes for years and don’t think you will find anything close to this size, quality and price in st Francis wood or forest hill. The location is great too. These homes are under the radar, which I expect will change soon as more agents and buyers discover them.

  20. Four sold, one pending, one in contract, and one I think is occupied by the developer, all for 1.65M and up. There’s no questioning this project in dollars and cents terms now.

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