567 Vallejo Facade
Originally priced “from $3.1 million to $7.5 million,” all five condos at the newly built 567 Vallejo on Telegraph Hill remain available and are now listed with prices ranging from $2,250,000 to $4,750,000 for the penthouse (whose floor plan is below).
567 Vallejo: Penthouse Floor Plan
∙ Listing: 567 Vallejo #302 (2/2.5) – $2,250,000 [MLS] []
∙ Listing: 567 Vallejo #500 (3/3) – $4,750,000 [MLS] []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by anonfedup

    Textbook example of what Neighborhood Groups think is acceptable. Bay Windows, check. Faux historical cuteness, check. Large units designed for high income & retired empty nesters, check. Low density, check. Monaco, here we come, though I doubt NIMBY’s will ever allow a Grand Prix race.

  2. Posted by Embarcadero

    The MLS notes that the condos are “steps from world class NB restaurants and shops.” I wonder if they mean the stripper bars located down the street? The ones where we’ve had a couple of “world class” shootings in the past year? The myriad Italian-American restaurants, all with virtually the same menu? The NB neighborhood association has really contributed to making this part of town feel sclerotic, not vibrant.
    Very nice finishes, but I don’t see this kind of pricing helping them move these units. The interiors are very nicely proportioned. I think the prices still need to come down to earth. I rent something with a far nicer view nearby (but not the same quality interior), and it would take more than they’re offering to tempt me to move.

  3. Posted by asiagoSF

    bidet, check.

  4. Posted by livinintheloin

    From the MLS: “3 lg priv dcks” chuckle

  5. Posted by Fishchum

    Wow, I’ve always wanted my own private duck – and they’re offering THREE of them!

  6. Posted by Delancey

    “3 lg priv dcks” — Whenever I read this kind of realtorspeak I can’t help but visualize someone speaking through clenched teeth. BTW, I think the listing’s been amended to excise the availability of oversized gumshoes.

  7. Posted by romolo

    I live next door to this building and have been in my apartment for 6 years. I have to agree about the neighborhood being dull. There’s so many boomers stuck in the 60’s or 70’s, it’s really depressing. With the style and attitude of its residence it makes total sense this part of town won’t change.
    If it wasn’t for rent control I would have moved to another part of town a long time ago. Although, prices are getting closer to where purchasing makes sense, I think I’ll be stuck here for awhile longer.

  8. Posted by Mike R

    Who says that the strip clubs are a detriment? But then again, I live in SoMa. (Or what used to be called SoMa last week.)
    I agree with anonfedup, this city has some really boring architecture because of “design by checkbox” neighborhood groups.

  9. Posted by theo

    This one’s much lighter on bay windows than I expected. Just two on one side, one inverse-of-a-bay-window on the other side.
    From this angle, it looks nicely balanced between Mission Bay Big Box and Neo-Preservationist styles.
    From street level, I can see it looking industrial and crappy.

  10. Posted by Dakota

    The three decks take up just about as much square footage as the indoor living area, which is not very large considering the price. An expanded living room and master bedroom would have made this place much more appealing.

  11. Posted by BobN

    bidet, check.
    bidet, check, check, check!
    Someone should notify the Quota Police.

  12. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    You all have it wrong, “3 lg priv dcks” means “three large privileged dorks”. So when you go to the open house, watch out for those pudgy Princeton ex-rugby players complaining about the changes to the guest policy at the yacht club.

  13. Posted by bidetmenot

    3 Bidets per unit! Is the bidet fad returning?

  14. Posted by asiagoSF

    where do you see 3 bidets per unit? there’s one in the master bath and that’s it

  15. Posted by Jonathan

    Check out the big window to the street with the toilet next to it! (Picture 11 on the listing for the smaller unit) WHo thought that was a good idea?

  16. Posted by bidetmenot

    “where do you see 3 bidets per unit?”
    See the floorplan shown above provided by the editor directly below the exterior view…each bathroom has a toilet and a bidet.

  17. Posted by auden

    bad staging for homes at the pricepoint.

  18. Posted by jessep

    I’ve heard a lot about this project, and almost waited to buy here.
    Didn’t though, I bought on the other side of know strip club central? Vallejo just “feels” too isolated from downtown for my tastes. Also the price points seemed too high, although the finishes were nice.

  19. Posted by BobN

    I’d trade at least one of those bidets for a flushless urinal.

  20. Posted by bidetmenot

    Don’t forget that all 3 bathrooms have two sinks each! I really think the double sink fetish will someday be looked upon as a bizarre. Why would all 3 bathrooms need two sinks each? I would rather have the counter space. (see plan above)
    America needs to get over wealth being measured by how many sinks and bidets you have in your home.

  21. Posted by grubbe2

    Between the bidets and the “swingers” hot tub on the deck, I keep waiting to see the “Night at the Roxbury” guys.

  22. Posted by BobbyS

    Looks like something I would have designed as a 10 year old during class.

  23. Posted by Jessep

    The outside of this place looks hideous.
    I’m sorry, but this is the kind of historical architecture the THD will support? Fools.
    No wonder the pagoda got nowhere.

  24. Posted by Another appraiser

    Hmmmm. This seems pretty far down the slope. Maybe far enough to be North Beach rather than Telegraph Hill. More realtor-speak, I guess.

  25. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    In ye olde days round corner turrets like this had their double hung windows fitted with cylindrically curved glass. Here the developer dropped in stock flat glass windows. It looks awful and reminds me of grand mansions from the 1900s turned into flop houses by slumlords who swapped out the artisan curved glass for cheapo aluminum framed windows.
    That’s surprising since the remainder of these place’s attributes are nicely done. I would be happy to live here despite the ghetto look of that round turret windows with flat glass. The enormous patio space of the top unit is grand.

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