Guy Place Park: Location
It’s a new San Francisco “mini park” in the works in Rincon Hill on Guy Place off of First.
Guy Place Park: Street View
Currently a vacant lot hidden behind a wooden fence and locked chain link gate.
With conceptual plans, however, to develop into a little green neighborhood escape.
Guy Place Park: Conceptual Designs
Community review and comment on the plans next Wednesday (11/19/08) from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. (South Beach Harbor Services Building between Pier 40 and AT&T Park). And if you’re interested, the presentation from community meeting number one.
Guy Place Mini Park Community Meeting #1 (pdf) [SFGov]

14 thoughts on “Putting Some Green On Guy Place: A Rincon Mini Park In The Works”
  1. My friend lives right next door to this and has been anxiously waiting for it to get done. But I think the space is just so damn small it’s not gonna really be a big deal for the neighborhood. It’s funny this “backyard” sized space qualifies as a park.

  2. Off topic but in the rendering up top, anybody have info on the really tall tower rendered between 1st and 2nd, on Howard. It appears to be on the bottom left hand corner (Southwest) of the Transbay park.

  3. This will make a nice addition to the neighborhood. I wish they would put in a picnic bench, it would be a nice place to eat lunch.

  4. One really good use for micropark space like this is to construct a little kids playground. These are built often in the odd shaped “leftover” pieces of small and mid-sized development parcels. Build a jungle gym and lay some soft stuff on the ground and there you have it : instant fun for the neighborhood kiddies.

  5. Fabulous! I like the D option which has the stairs, an accessible area, and room left for green. Sometimes having some open space with robust landscaping is the best option for kids as they can make their own games freestyle. Doggie overload seems like the biggest risk here, as noted in the presentation. What ends up being tolerated in the park will depend on residents.

  6. Very cool …. this pocket park, a dog run/plaza over at Bryant and Beale, and some potential park space on Harrison …. still not enough green space, but better than nothing.

  7. loudnclear – that’s another Transbay (CalTrans-owned) plot that will eventually be sold to help fund the new transit center. It will have to wait until the ramps to the new center are reconfigured because the current ramp angles right through the middle of the plot. That rendering looks like the 1200′ Transbay Tower version. Since that will be closer to 1000′ I think the tower you’re asking about will also be downsized.
    Also note that this rendering shows the fourth Foundry Squrare building as a tall tower, but I don’t believe that is in the plan any longer.

  8. Just wanted to comment that the two drawings shown from Community Meeting #1 are not conceptual designs, but circulation diagrams meant to explain accessibility/access issues. Conceptual plans will be presented at Community Meeting #2 on Nov. 19th. We hope all interested parties can attend that meeting!

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