125 Mono
While we had been waiting for the website for 125 Mono to go live, a plugged-in reader simply reports:

Just went to the open house on Sunday and it is truly one of the best modern “dwell-like” houses in San Francisco with stunning views and very well appointed.

And while so far we’ve only seen the pictures, we are digging the view from the bed, a few of those fixtures (and features), and most definitely that master bath.
125 Mono: Bed
125 Mono: Bath
∙ Listing: 125 Mono (3/4) – $2,179,000 [125mono.com] [MLS]

14 thoughts on “You’ll Have To Pardon Us If We Avoid Swapping Any Spit (125 Mono)”
  1. Wow! I would love to have this house, and at that price point. I think that it is definitely worth $2 million. This is not even one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city, but I love the views and the house layout.

  2. This house is absolutely beautiful. The best part is the doors that completely open on the front of both levels. It was very windy the day of the open house, but the wind comes down the hill so the house doesn’t get any of it with the doors completely. Wow.

  3. Full disclosure — the developer is a friend of mine. But I love what he did here. The lot is really unique, park like, and attractive. The master suite is extraordinary. For someone who has more than one or two cars this also will have appeal — I think you could manage four vehicles fairly easily at this property.

  4. my comments: this is not a very big house for the money..small living room, no real dining room. again, what’s with this trend to just have a dining “space”? the dining space is really a large hallway…kitchen is very small..very little overhead cabinets..and every thing is on display as soon as you walk in. the refrigerator is not a large capacity. for the money the kitchen should be 50% larger and much more cabinet space.
    nice baths: white, clean, simple, functional and very elegant.

  5. I like this place.
    i would have been nice to maybe have a larger DR/kitchen… but this is very serviceable IMO and one could probably get a fair # of people in there for dinner with the right layout.
    I wish they had place for people to sit at the kitchen counter… I find that we always have people sit and watch while I cook.
    I love that they a steam shower. not enough places do!
    I often forget about that neighborhood, but it is fairly convenient to a lot of places although not really in the thick of anything.

  6. I’ll add that living in a huge 4000sf home is not the best solution / value for most people. Not sure the the sqft of this place is, but it looks pretty nice. Looking at a map, I’ve no idea where that place is really.

  7. Went through the home last night. On the smaller side HOWEVER this is a very well done home. Not like the other to the “studs renos on the market” – great finishes and well thought out design. It will sell.

  8. 125 Mono has shown as PENDING since July 3.
    Yes. Is it a matter of buyers who don’t wish to disclose how much they paid?

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