4328 18th Street: Outdoor Shower

We know, we know, it’s San Francisco. But we’ve always had a thing for nice outdoor showers. Especially on sunny mornings (second only to warm afternoons and evenings).

∙ Listing: 4328 18th Street (2/1) – $1,249,000 [Paragon]

16 thoughts on “Simply An Outdoor Shower For A Sunny <strike>Sunday</strike> Friday Morning”
  1. A buddy of mine who lives on the high Avenues also installed an outdoor shower. Its really handy when he comes home wet and salty after surfing. He’s close enough to walk to Ocean Beach.

  2. Tiny, tiny bedrooms.
    Postage stamp size “yard.”
    Anyone else think that the granite counters look completely out of place in that kitchen?

  3. The wood wainscoting is unfortunate (it is beating me over the eyes in almost every picture, and doesn’t really go with the granite in the kitchen), but other than that (!), it’s nicely done!
    Also, if you want a shower in your backyard, it’s not too expensive to put one in yourself (atleast one like that), so I’m not sure that’s a deal-closer. But who knows?
    I predict it sells within 5% of this asking price (but I will go out on a limb and say no overbid). Within 30 days of first showing, unless there’s economic armageddon before then. 🙂
    It will be purchased by someone who does not give a rat’s **s about rent/buy ratios.

  4. One of the most impressive property websites I’ve seen in awhile. Love the photos of the outdoor areas (a bit small for me) and succulents. I don’t think the granite counters are that bad, that particular color would not have been my first choice however it does blend well with the tones of the cabinets and other features of the house (wainscoting, etc). Overall it’s a sweet place if you ask me with lots of charm and character. The location will sell itself, especially considering it’s priced at the same point as some larger condos in the area.

  5. “I don’t think the granite counters are that bad, that particular color would not have been my first choice however it does blend well with the tones of the cabinets and other features of the house”
    I disagree, that color choice makes the wainscoting and cabinets look dated. They should have gone with a much darker granite. This was probably the less costly stone.

  6. Don’t know the neighborhood well but the agent has done a great job with the website marketing. Everything looks meticulously well-done and agree with dub-dub that the outdoor shower probably cost less than a grand to install, and who knows – you only need one buyer that insists on showering before and after his jacuzzi. This will probably appeal to a smaller audience but it will be a “must-have” property for someone.
    On the other hand, my concerns would be:
    1. no formal dining room
    2. as mentioned only 1 bath in the legal square footage – guests have to go outide for a separate shower or downstairs behind the garage for a choice of two private toilets.
    3. why 2 half baths downstairs??? if it’s unwarranted anyway and the city isn’t looking, why not throw in a shower?
    4. square footage not disclosed on website or sfarmls. bedrooms look tight and i’m guessing its priced close to $1000/sq ft. if you only count the warranted space.

  7. Until recently this property was used as professional offices for some psychologists, if I’m not mistaken. The owner seems to have done a great job of renovating it and turning it back into a home, I’d never have recognized it.

  8. A nice use of this property would be for the owner to live upstairs, and have his professional office downstairs in the in-law. I know someone nearby for whom this works really well.

  9. Great photography.
    I hope other RE salespeople look at this site for ideas on how to sell a home.
    house isn’t for me, too many negatives for me personally, (small DR, bathroom situation, kitchen, wainscotting, etc) but I’m sure there is someone who will love this place.
    overall good remodel and great presentation.

  10. I didn’t like the marble in the kitchen either.
    I have tables at home with tops made of the same marble from the late ’80’s – they were the Contractor’s sample submittals to SOM for 333 Bush Street that I salvaged during an office clean up.

  11. $1000/sq ft is not out of the question for small single-family homes in the Castro these days. For example, 194 Eureka is just around the corner from this place on 18th Street. It had 2 baths, 1.5 bathrooms, and about 1350 square feet–and it just closed for $1.35 million. (It also lacked the lower level of living/office space that this property has.)

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