17th and Clayton: Exterior
As both a plugged-in tipster and a few readers have noted, two of the four copper clad condos atop 17th at Clayton have hit the MLS. One car parking (in a private garage); two of something (a little help here people); three bedrooms (three and one-half baths); and four levels each.
17th and Clayton: Interior.jpg
Priced at $774 and $786 per square foot (at least that’s asking for these two).
∙ Listing: 4588 17th Street (3/3.5) 1,808 sqft – $1,399,000 [MLS]
∙ Listing: 4590 17th Street (3/3.5) 1,718 sqft – $1,349,000 [MLS]
Copper (And Wood) Clad And Coming Semi-Soon At 17th And Clayton [SocketSite]

31 thoughts on “Two Of The Four Copper Clad Condos Atop 17th Street Hit The MLS”
  1. Looks like a C & B ad. Would have to say 773 would be a lot more attractive (hence; smartly priced) at 650 – just my humble opinon.

  2. Love the porta pottie in the lower left of the Realtor photo of the front shot of the building.
    Really adds to the ambiance.

  3. It’s actually not that bad in person. It gives some variety to the neighborhood, which is always welcome by me.

  4. very difficult to use those garages. Particularly the one closest to [Clayton] @ 17th. Otherwise, pretty nice.

  5. i’m one of the few that actually likes the exterior of this place.
    the interior layout makes no sense to me though
    -why didn’t they make that huge window in the LR/DR bigger? it should be at least one more panel wider
    -I hate the LR/DR combo when there isn’t enough room for a dining room table, such as in this floor plan.
    you essentially have the Kitchen overlooking a long awkward Living Room…
    For 1.4 million I want a dining room table, not a small bistro table.
    with this boom people seem to have totally lost their minds about how a space should be used IMO.
    I mean, I always like to have my couch along a wall facing into the bistro table, with the fireplace off to an odd angle. I guess I’ll put my plasma TV on top of the bistro table.
    c’mon architects (if any were even used) please THINK about how the space can be used, to accomodate things like, you know, furniture and people?

  6. I thought they were nice. The layout makes sense, and I can assure you architects were used on the project, and c’mon do you remember what was there before? A dirt lot.
    These are priced right and will probably go quickly.
    No, I have nothing to do with this project nor the Brokerage.

  7. I like how they look from the outside, but don’t love them inside, I little awkward.
    As for being priced correctly, we will see about that, look at 230 Roosevelt (a few blocks away), bigger, nicer, and in a much better location, it is on the market for $1.055MM.
    This was said before, but these places are on the intersection of the two busiest streets in the area, and also right in a giant wind tunnel. Those decks will be useless but for 5 days a year with the chilly wind/fog line howling by.
    That being said, I bet the corner unit has great views of the bridge and ocean.

  8. yikes.
    whats up with local architects? seems so many new condo buildings dismiss context/relationship to almost anything around them.

  9. I’m surprised the city allowed them to build this with four separate garage doors so close to the lights of a busy junction. If there’s no room to turn around in the garages, it’s going to be fun backing out into the traffic during busy times.

  10. Four levels!
    I understand that they want all units to have some kind of view from top floor, but who would want to live in a three level house? It’s two floors to carry your grocery from garage to the kitchen level, and imagine that you have to carry a 30 lb toddler upstairs.
    From usability point of view, that just doesn’t make sense.

  11. These look fabulous to me inside and out. Oddly enough the layout struck me as especially practical and thoughtfully designed. The series of bays is evocative of other buildings on 17th, so maybe different people just see the context differently? Any parking on 17th is going to be tricky, but that is the kind of price one pays for a great location like this. The only thing that seems off to me is the price. Maybe $1.1 million, or at most $1.2 would be my best guess. They might sell as they are, but retaining that value is something else.

  12. Mystery and Mole:
    You both feel the layout makes sense… that surprises me.
    you’ll have to help me conceptualize this, since I haven’t seen these in person. I’m just going off the pictures.
    where do you put the dining table?
    or do you think it makes practical sense (good layout) to have a couch facing a small 2 person bistro table and the fireplace off to the side?
    is there a dining room somewhere that isn’t pictured?
    I can’t for the life of me figure out a way to get a comfortable seating area (maybe a couch and 1-2 chairs) as well as a dining room table that can seat 6 people into that space.
    For 1.4 Million I want a dining room table.
    and in that area on that hill it’s not like you’re going to walk to dinner much.
    If that cutout where the fireplace/entryway is located weren’t there, then you could probably manage. but as it is I can’t make it work out.

  13. i like these from an aesthetic point of view. Too bad they are on a busy corner and in the land of extreme wind.

  14. I have to agree with ex SF-er. Bad design and use of space in the great room along with awkward placement of the front door.

  15. Ex SF-er,
    Forget the bistro table. You won’t eat in that room anyway. You’ll be too tired to walk up to the third floor, where the living/dining room is. You’ll just order Pizza from the second floor and eat in bed.

  16. These townhouses are magnificent– all that shiny copper (hope its treated somehow to stave off oxidation). I wish I wasn’t so “bitter” then I could plunk down $1.4M and move on in!!

  17. PS what’s up with all the complaints about having to walk upstairs from the car to the kitchen to whatever… I have to walk a full city block from my parking to my apartment (and THEN up 2 flights of stairs).
    Only having to haul my groceries, laptops, etc. up a single flight of stairs would be great!

  18. Heck…We’re Americans….any physical effort (other than getting in a car and DRIVING to the gym) in our daily life is anathema.
    (owner of a horrors…three story townhouse in the burbs, even).

  19. Jimmy and tipster, too funny…
    when I was a kid, I had to walk upstairs and uphill both ways from my living room to and from school
    we didn’t even have a kitchen or dinette table, since we had no food. and we were happy. pizza was a luxury for rich people.
    and of course, it was snowing the whole time. those SF blizzards in the early 70’s sure were tough, let me tell ya.
    kids these days don’t know how good they got it. pssht… wanting a house with a dining room table indeed.

  20. 4 levels is actually a tough climb up and down. I have three and it sucks. I would never do it again.

  21. Hey ex-SFer, I can one-up that! When I was a kid, growing up in northern Canada back in the 80’s, it snowed 6 months out of the year and it was -50 degrees and windy (sometimes). We didn’t even bother to calculate the windchill because thermometers don’t go that low. That’s how cold it was.
    Also, we lived on a hill and I had to walk up and down that every day, and avoid the roaming bears that came up from the river looking for food.
    And we were happy. Cold, but happy.

  22. dear editor,
    please add a question asking the average weight of socketsite users on your next survey. it appears 3 flights of stairs is too much for many of the bloggers here.

  23. All that climbing! Dear friends, living in the Swish Alps is all about climbing. Climbing corporate and political ladders of power to get the boodle required for entry, climbing up and down to visit the latest trendy eateries and boutiques nearby, climbing up and down all those … poles … up and down and up and down. The hilly part of 17th near its peak offers a rigorous lifestyle that is full of climbing, centered on climbing, all about climbing!

  24. spencer, it has nothing to do with weight. It’s not that 3 flights are a killer, but it gets old day after day. I live around the corner from these units, and I usually walk up and down the the hill daily from Castro. I’m in damned good shape, but sometimes you just feel like relaxing and not necessarily in the mood to contend with a jungle gym as a home. Thats all. As for parking, Roosevelt is probably one of the few streets left where you CAN find parking. So friends can visit, they’ll have to walk up a bit though.

  25. Good god, the comments on this site become more jaded/nasty/negative by the day. I’d love to put a microscope up to those who complain so as to see the particular aesthetics they live in. And I hate to point out the obvious, but when these sell at full price (or close to it) it will only prove my point that no one really gives a rats ass about your condescending/holier-than-thou opinions.
    Not at all affiliated with this project but drive by every day and think it’s quite nice
    p.s. Please Tivo The Biggest Loser.

  26. We looked at these two this weekend. Effectively a family friendly four bedrooms but having a master suite two floors away from the kids’ rooms is a non-starter and the layout of the main floor is poor. Nice finishes and quieter than I expected considering the intersection.

  27. This may be old news, but it looks like 4588 17th St is in contract. Someone please let us know what it closes for, when the time comes. Thanks!

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