1355 Pacific: Proposed
Currently a two-story industrial building (and former home to LeeMAH Electronics), developers have their sights set on razing and rebuilding 1355 Pacific as a four-story, 23 unit building with 24 parking spaces. Design by Sternberg Benjamin Architects and once again brought to us via a plugged-in reader who has most excellently mapped all of the aforementioned developments along Pacific (and 1650 Broadway).
And then there’s 1536 Pacific, another car shop that’s slated to be been demolished and will be reborn as a four-story, six-unit mixed-use building. “No photo available” according to our reader’s map, but perhaps a plugged-in tipster can keep the community karma flowing by passing along a rendering (or at the very least a lead on the architects). You know we’d do the same for you.
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Joe

    I’ve lived in the neighborhood for ten years, and while I am sorry to see the businesses gone, I welcome the very sorely needed housing. Blue collar businesses just really cant compete with our artificially high land prices.

  2. Posted by Joe

    Wow, you guys rock on getting this info up so quickly. And huge thanks to the person that got that map up – that is awesome.
    Should be very interesting to see these units. This is a favorite area of mine in the city and while more people does equal more crowds, there is good transportation options in this area to serve these people.

  3. Posted by Amen Corner

    1536 Pacific has already been demolished and the space almost cleared of debris. I don’t know when construction will actually begin though.
    [Editor’s Note: Thanks for the correction/update.]

  4. Posted by Whole Wheat Toast

    As of November 7, this building is almost demolished.

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