610 Rhode Island at night

We alluded to it a couple of weeks ago. And while it hasn’t officially hit the market (we’re told next week) we did finagle an early photo and the list price ($2,300,000).  And yes, complete details and links when we have them.

[Full Disclosure: The listing agent for 610 Rhode Island is a sponsor of SocketSite. And if for any reason you don’t think this house would have otherwise found its way onto this site, then you simply haven’t spent enough time plugging in…]

2 thoughts on “The Modern One That’s (Almost) On The Market: 610 Rhode Island”
  1. Looks like it was an AIA award winning home. Look up the house on Zillow, there are 7 additional pics there.

  2. House for two musicians by Dan Solomon (of Solomon ETC)! I guess those musicians are moving out (if the property hasn’t changed hands since completion, that is).

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