Peter Acworth has quietly drafted plans to convert’s Armory building at Mission and 14th Streets from fetish porn studio to “traditional office use,” with the 39,000 square foot Drill Court proposed for “spectator sports, arts, or nighttime entertainment.”

San Francisco Armory Drill Court

If approved, the conversion would yield over 140,000 square feet of office space, including 67,000 square feet in the basement of the Armory which is currently used to film the “Arts.”

Acworth purchased the Armory for $14.5 million in 2007, at which time a number of plans to convert the building to condos and commercial space had been proposed and rejected.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by noe mom

    Maybe the Warriors should play here.
    In any event it is a wonderful space, but won’t that require a rezoning or a variance to allow “traditional office space” at this location. Isn’t it still zoned light industry and/or ancillary uses??

  2. Posted by poor.ass.millionaire

    ^ yes, I believe it is. And that is what caused all those insane years of delay. Peter was able to use the building w/o any change use, as his S&M porn happens to fall under light industrial use. Who would have known? And a classic ‘only in SF’ moment.

  3. Posted by Sam

    Ha, unfortunate. I always enjoyed walking by there knowing what goes on.

  4. Posted by Greg scanlon

    No, keep it as it is. It gives SF some much needed…kinks in its armor.

  5. Posted by Stucco_Sux

    Well since most office work is an exercise in sadism…

  6. Posted by Brad

    Leave it alone.

  7. Posted by soccermom

    It is Zoned UMU (Urban Mixed Use), not office-prohibiting PDR (Production Distribution Repair.)
    It is a landmarked historic resource, category A.
    It’s not clear to me why office would be prevented as long as they don’t change the external character from a preservation standpoint.

  8. Posted by OMN

    against this.

  9. Posted by Futurist

    Get rid of the porn. Send it to LA. Much better use of the building for offices.

  10. Posted by formidable doer of the nasty

    Can’t they do both? How much space does porn take up?

  11. Posted by Jackson

    Personally I am ambivalent about porn using the space as they certainly rescued the Armory from a death due to rot.
    The drill court could make a great space for live entertainment, such as The Fillmore, as that large amount of space is getting hard to find in San Francisco.

  12. Posted by Cal Culver

    Such an eyesore. Either make it into a prison like is looks or tear it down. Total bad bacchi.

  13. Posted by joh

    Send it to LA
    LA already sent it all to Vegas.

  14. Posted by Dan

    How about they chain the techies to their cubicles and stream it over the web?
    My guess is that the Kink studios don’t need all that space. It makes sense to use some of the building for offices, and to use the drill court for concerts.

  15. Posted by BigV

    If this gets approved, I wonder if we will have more anti-gentrification protests complaining how artists are being pushed out of the city….
    It does make me really happy to know that it is a giant porn studio — one of those magically amusing realities of the neighborhood, so it would be sad to see it go — but, apparently it is increasingly difficult to actually make money in the porn industry — so much of it is free, few people pay…..

  16. Posted by zzzzzzzzzz

    I saw ACT’s production of “Black Watch” in the drill court last year. It’s a great performance space and I hope it gets more use, regardless of whether the rest of the building goes office.

  17. Posted by jeremy

    Ooops – you said the current owner was trying to do this QUIETLY. Now that you’ve spilled the beans, expect decades of debate while this white elephant sits, unused, as no one can make money producing porn anymore.
    Waiting for the ‘homeless advocates’ to propose that this become a gigantic homeless shelter. We can stack 20 or 30 level bunk beds with that ceiling height! 39,000 sq. ft. for safe heroin shooting! And a $3 million grant for homeless advocates to sit at Greyhound depots and educate the newly-arrived homeless – who’ve been given bus tickets to SF by other city governments – about all of the free goodies they’ve won by finding their way here!

  18. Posted by frog

    I was at their new years eve party. Other than some hiccups getting everyone inside, it was an awesome venue for that. With all the construction we are are losing bars and other venues, while the population is increasing. I’m all for more public entertainment space.

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