The Western Addition block bounded by Divisadero, Geary, Scott and O’Farrell was developed in the 1960s with six low-rise residential buildings around a central courtyard, the Midtown Park Apartment complex provides 140 affordable dwelling units managed by Mercy Housing.

In need of a full renovation, the current plan is to renovate the four buildings with a total of 96 units which front Scott, O’Farrell and Divisadero and demolish the two buildings with a total of 44 units that currently front Geary Boulevard. Two new buildings containing up to 114 units would replace the two buildings proposed to be demolished, adding 70 units to the block.

The proposed new building for the corner of Geary and Divisadero above would occupy a similar footprint to the existing building but would reach a height of approximately 56 feet with a new active ground-floor use and 67 affordable units for seniors above.

The second proposed building with just under 40 affordable units for families along Geary Boulevard would also occupy a similar footprint as the building to be demolished but would be located ten to fifteen feet closer to the street, increasing the amount of interior open space on the lot.

Currently only zoned for medium density with a 50-foot height limit, should the project and necessary “up-zoning” by a few feet be approved as proposed, the full city block at the intersection of Divisadero and Geary upon which two major bus lines run will provide just over 200 units of housing with construction slated to start at the end of 2014.

7 thoughts on “More Affordable Housing On Geary Proposed, But Only A Bit”
  1. Should be taller, obviously. Also, no need to keep the crap existing buildings. Doze the whole thing and increase the height to 150-200′.

  2. Soccermom
    LOL. I thought you were going to link to the article from today in the Chronicle about how all the elevators in SF Housing Authority buildings need to be replaced. But you went Geneva Towers on us!

  3. @soccermom – I thought it was obvious, but I intended any upzone to keep the same amount of subsidized housing and dilute it with several hundred (thousand?) market rate units. Of course I don’t want them to build project towers.

  4. 6-8 stories, mixed-income please.
    Start here, next up: the shameful “keep out”, iron fenced in barracks on Fillmore and Golden Gate and the cinder block thing on Geary & Steiner.
    Where’s the vision?

  5. I wish they would scrap the building that fronts Divisadero as well as the ones on Geary. You can then have a little more height along Divisadero with some ground floor retail along Divis. Of course they need to improve the public transportation along Geary. The 38-L already is jammed by the time it gets to Divis in the morning.

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