San Francisco’s City Hall was illuminated in honor of the Supreme Court’s ruling against the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, captured by David Yu (click image to enlarge).
It’s one picture, a thousand words, and an even greater number of recognized rights for married same-sex couples, including a full $500,000 tax-free gain upon the sale of real estate and tax-free transfers of property between spouses.

13 thoughts on “One Picture, A Thousand Words, And A Greater Number Of New Rights”
  1. I love being a California resident and native. It’s expensive. It’s dirty. It’s crowded. But it’s the freest place in the world, and the most beautiful. I’m never leaving!

  2. Yes, lots of great new benefits for our gay bretheren and sisteren(?). And now you can suffer the marriage penalty tax with the rest of us!
    But my read is that the financial pros outweigh the cons. And of course the social pros are infinite while the cons are zero. DOMA and Prop 8 – you will not be missed.

  3. I’m going to get hit by the marriage penalty on my income taxes now, but I don’t mind the extra sixty bucks or so it will cost me. It will just be a relief to not have to prepare 3 federal tax returns next year (mine, my husbands, then a proforma joint one to use as the base for our state joint return).

  4. This is really awesome. And although this is not about the economy, it will have a positive effect that goes beyond the incremental economic activity from gay weddings. Same-sex couples will be more likely to take the plunge and buy homes, and many couples will move from states that discriminate to states that offer equal rights.
    But all that is secondary. Right now it’s about celebrating that justice and humanity has prevailed, if by the narrowest of margins. San Francisco, for all its flaws, has long been a shining beacon for this particular brand of justice and humanity and I’ve never been prouder to call it my home.

  5. I think the red entry looks like the equality symbol on everyone’s Facebook: only turned on its side. Maybe that’s a new way to view last week’s events…as an equal sign point upward!

  6. Thanks to all the newlyweds; now everyone can pay the marriage penalty taxes and AMT! Fun.

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