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Upon the nearly full-block bus depot site at 8th and Harrison Streets, an eight building multi-use development with over 400 residential units and 22,000 square feet of retail, office and arts space is proposed to rise at 350 8th Street, a key component of the proposed Western SoMa development plan which some consider to be rather “short-sited.”

The eight buildings of the 350 8th Street project would rise five and six stories with the majority of the proposed 410 residential units (168 two-bedrooms, 196 one-bedrooms, and 46 studios) located over ground floor retail or commercial, click the images to enlarge.

Nearly 400 off-street parking spaces would be located underground or within the interior of the Stud-adjacent site, which includes a public park on the corner and “open space” within.

While Archtsone has been leading the charge, expect either AvalonBay or Equity Residential to pick up the project and run with its development without missing a stride.

A few more renderings of the project as proposed, including the courtyard, which is up for approval by San Francisco’s Planning Commission this afternoon:


27 thoughts on “Big Plans For The “Short-Sited” SoMa Block At 8th And Harrison”
  1. Love seeing the pix of The Stud. Worked at its previous location many many moons ago.
    Not feelin the renderings. Look very generic with the fake color enhancements. No personality at all.

  2. There is something that I dislike greatly about the courtyard, inner area… I think that creating a system of narrower internal alleys lined with shops and cafes could be cool and attract attention, but the renderings make it look more like a driveway lined with lost children and hungry real estate agents.
    Let’s not suburbanize the heart of our city, please.

  3. Looks very similar to the numersous complexes over by the rails in Emeryville & Oakland. No complaints, like the mews concept, 8th street side of complex should be a little more commercial (including another floor or two) it’s mainly a fast moving corridor to the bridge ramp.

  4. Hate seeing all that interior parking. If the parking were ALL underground, then it could be a wonderful green courtyard. Instead the rendering shows little tufts here and there. Note that the “green” shades on the plan are “open space” and not necessarily landscape at all…mostly hardscape. The more I look at it, the less I like it.
    The drive through Solomon mews project in Hayes Valley (Fulton Grove) has a similar idea of merging car and open space. I thought that was a crafty solution to a difficult design problem. Here…I’m not so impressed.

  5. So if everyone looks to bash the project, why not give a suggestion about what would be better than a large parking lot? I for one am for the ongoing developments in SOMA rather than leaving lots like this one as is.

  6. If you are going to do a design like this why not more 3 bedroom units for families?
    I was hoping for something similar in Mission Bay but it didn’t seem to happen that way

  7. Wow…that fight on Folsom and Dore being pushed by the woman in the new units that went in a couple of years ago across from the Power House…that was just one woman. If this boring Peninsula-design, suburban trap gets built…that one woman’s voice is going to multiply and what is left of the arts and nightlife scene in that part of town will just go bye-bye.
    This is right off the freeway and on a couple of bus routes (Folsom, Bryant, and Polk). For the love of Pete…can’t we come up with a better mixed use plan for this area that will not only allow for the survival of small shops and night-life but will also serve as an anchor to bring more people into this area?

  8. A few comments..
    Definitely NOT enough parking..many people who live in this area commute to penisula for tech jobs. If you don’t build the parking, all the cars on the street will create huge congestion and parking issues….not to mention many more breakins and wastes of SFPD’s time
    Why so short? it is shortsighted. this is an area that has no culture and no small SFHs, so there is no reason to waste this space with small undertakings. This could easily be a minimum of 8-10 floors without changing the flair of the neighborhoos(although probably needs changing from rampant crime and drug use and human feces). and whos views would be blocked?
    why no 3 bdrooms? Even as a DINK like myself, I would only want a 3bdr or greater because its nice to have the space. Imagine if you have a kid or a parent who may want to live with you. It doesn’t make sense to at least havee 10-20 3bdrooms.
    no architectual creativity. another SF box. can’t something asthetically pleasing and interesting be built

  9. I can hardly wait to go to the Stud, drink like a fish, then throw up on the doorsteps of these hideous hellholes. Hide your husbands, hide your kids.

  10. And then the Stud gets an avalanche of noise complaints, like the Eagle and Slims.
    I say keep the parking lot.
    Bonus points if you can remind me of the name of the tiny hotdog stand across Gordon from the Stud.

  11. The dance floor and speakers at the Stud are on the 9th St. side of the building, so there shouldn’t be that much of a noise problem from the Stud. The streets are loud, though, with traffic coming off the freeway.

  12. Poor Mike. Guess what, you don’t have to live in that neighborhood.
    Honestly, I know people who live right across the street in “Ironworks”…it’s no big deal.

  13. Tough crowd. The overall design looks OK to me. I like the variety of surface treatments to break it up and the mews-like approach works for me. But I do wish there was some variety in the height of the various buildings. That would really help give it a more fine-toothed feel and help make it look less monolithic.

  14. So, a few blocks to Van Ness and Market and we allow 30 stories. A few blocks towards downtown and we allow 90 stories (or whatever the Rincon tower is). A few blocks towards the water and we allow 15 stories. But here, in an area of industrial buildings and lofts right next to a freeway we decide to “preserve” something (not sure what) and bravely reach only six stories.
    Our descendants are going to wonder about us.

  15. Generic and bland. What’s the point of the alleyways when they add no character or real functionality? I agree, a waste of space.
    Thumbs down. Looks like it belongs in San Jose, not in San Francisco.

  16. Who’s views would be blocked? Mine, Ironworks, H20 and many others. The height is fine, if not a story or two too high.
    The design is meh and the parking is of course insufficient. Building security will keep busy chasing the homeless and petty thieves out of all the nooks and crannies.

  17. First two floors above ground are concrete. The following floors are wood frame. This is due to cost and codes. Any parking spots above ground will be “meant” for visitors. i work at this project now.

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