82 Cameo Way

Begging for a Modern or Mad Men inspired makeover, the bank-owned San Francisco Eichler at 82 Cameo Way has returned to the market listed for $1,295,000.

The Diamond Heights home offers three bedrooms, a two car garage, walls of glass with Glen Canyon Views, and classic Eichler bones on which to build (or improve).

∙ Listing: 82 Cameo Way (3/2.5) 2,210 sqft – $1,295,000 [vanguardsf.com]

11 thoughts on “Begging For A Modern Or Mad Men Inspired Makeover On Cameo Way”
  1. unfortunately those bones are covered with some 1970s remodelled skin that needs to be peeled (floor, fireplace, kitchen and probably baths). those were poor decisions, certainly in retrospect and likely at the time

  2. I looked at this house on Sunday. Surprisingly, it looks better in person than in the pictures. Yes, the 70’s remodeling is unfortunate but it is in pristine condition.

  3. Wow. This place has A LOT of potential. I’m not an Eichler fan, but this place with a bit of elbow grease could be really nice.

  4. This place looks great. Yes, it had a bad remodel in the 70s and a lot of the original Eichler elements are gone. That’s unfortunate. But it could be redone and definitely brought back to its former glory. If I had the cash I’d go for it.

  5. I dunno, I think in about fifteen years, that fireplace and wallpaper are going to seem awesome when 70’s nostalgia comes back. Will need some shag to go with it, though. The floors and kitchen, though, can go. Not sure if dark grout is ever going to come back.

  6. Agree with the potential. Guesstimate for remodeling the kitchen, baths and unmuddling the living spaces? $250k?

  7. Depends on what you wanna do.. You could knock the out for $100k, or you could spend as much as you want.

  8. Wait, a cosmetic interior renovation in SF really costs $250K?!
    I was thinking $50, though I haven’t seen it in person.

  9. That’s a fairly big kitchen. On the low end it would cost $50K at the very least to gut just that room alone. That’s taking everything down to the studs and starting from scratch. And that’s with a Home Depot/Ikea style redo (low end). Bathroom guts are expensive too and even the tiniest ones come in at $30K. There might be some better ways to redo the kitchen layout too — the wall ovens seem to be in kind of an odd place. The costs go up even more if you bring in an architect — but when you’re talking about something like an Eichler, I’d say that’s worth the additional cost.

  10. I live on Cameo Way and 99.9% sure this house is not bank owned. It does show way better than the pictures show. The views are great. Cameo Way itself needs a lot of help tho! One by one houses on this street are improving and being kept up. 11 of the 32 houses on the street are great.
    [Editor’s Note: While we couldn’t find the record of foreclosure, it is listed as “bank-owned” on the MLS.]

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