2828 Jackson Before and After
Purchased as a 3,747 square foot “sleek contemporary Pacific Heights home” for $3,325,000 in 2007, the original 1980’s façade and interior of 2828 Jackson are history.
2828 Jackson Living
Now, an “exquisitely renovated contemporary” 2828 Jackson Street is back on the market in 2012 listed for $4,200,000 with all new fixtures and finishes in place.
2828 Jackson Kitchen
And yes, in addition to four bedrooms, there’s a bit of indoor-outdoor living to boot.
∙ Listing: 2828 Jackson (4/4.5) – $4,200,000 []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by johnny

    Cool house

  2. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    So it looks like disposable modern architecture has about a quarter century lifetime. Next facelift in the 2030s.

  3. Posted by eddy

    This was a disaster in its previous condition. They did quite a bit to open it up / clean it up. Much improved. Hard to argue with the exterior renovations. I’d say they did the best they could do. Good luck.

  4. Posted by conifer

    This house was done several years ago, and live in since.
    This allows those who like white clean lines to live in Pac Hts without having to suffer through ornament and tradition.
    Does not seem overpriced.

  5. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    Milkshake, I like that as an alternative style description: “disposable modern”. Would have been great to apply to 611 Laguna Honda
    Although strictly aesthetically speaking I think it works on its own terms and improves upon the previous incarnation.

  6. Posted by bernalkid

    Man, somebody should have landmarked those aluminum pyramids.

  7. Posted by unwarrantedinlaw

    The price seems high to me but there’s probably no stopping prices for sfh in good neighborhoods.

  8. Posted by eddy

    The price seems OK. Not the best block.

  9. Posted by jlasf

    So, has one set of trendy styles merely been replaced by a more current set of trendy styles?

  10. Posted by shza

    It’s definitely an improvement — with the exception of that window box, which looks even more stuck-on and purposeless now. I like the interior though (other than the kitchen cabinetry).

  11. Posted by BillyBalls

    I think I would have preferred this property two renovations prior, and I wish, like 611 laguna honda, that the remodel(s) were less modern aspirational.
    Rather than going for dwellification, or uber modern, just keeping the general bones and modernizing/updating the systems.
    I think I’m getting old?
    Post-dwellification, it looks too Ikea for me.

  12. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 2828 Jackson has closed escrow with a reported contract price of $4,075,000.

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